13 Reasons Old Souls Have A Difficult Time Finding Love

“I was always hungry for love. Just once, I wanted to know what it was like to get my fill of it – to be fed so much love I couldn’t take any more. Just once.”
– Haruki Murakami

Old souls – those people with hearts rooted in ideals most of us have given up on. They often come with wisdom and maturity the modern world can’t even begin to comprehend, and they see relationships for what they really are – loyal, but not smothering, passionate but comfortable, and above all, something of immense value. Modern romance seems to have forgotten all about this, but old souls remember and hold this central to their search for love.

They will not settle for anything less than real, soulmate love.

They do not love for convenience. Old souls believe in butterflies, in finding someone who even at your worst, makes you feel complete. A love like that does not come around often.

They do not rush into love, no matter how head over heels they may be.

They take their time, conversing, enjoying the slow process of getting to know every tiny detail about the person they’re interested in. Other people can often get impatient of this process, but it’s a love that uncovers hearts, layer by layer.

They are vulnerable, and do not believe in a love full of defenses and walls.

They bare it all, bravely. They do not a want a love that is guarded and full of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. They love unconditionally – and an unconditional love only comes through unconditional vulnerability.

They’re honest with their love and don’t believe in the ‘dating game’.

They don’t play by the rules. They don’t wait 3 days before texting someone. They’re honest with their feelings in a world that has turned love into a game.

They need a combination of both passion and compatibility.

Passion in love is a given. But to feel at home with someone, like two pieces of the same puzzle, complete with an emotional connection, is a completely different thing.

They value conversation over sex.

Sex is important, of course, but they’re acutely aware that no matter HOW great the sex, a relationship needs more than that. A conversation that ignites a fire is lot more important than hot sex.

They’re healers as people, and attract people who need healing more than love.

Old souls are natural healers, and they love helping those around them. But that often leads to them finding charity cases or students instead of lovers.

But while they are healers, they do not believe in ‘fixing’ people (instead, they celebrate them).

Even though they attract those who need ‘healing’, old souls choose to celebrate people instead. And that can often lead to miscommunication and heartbreak when it comes to love.

They do not try to hide their scars and baggage.

Old souls feels deeply, and that leads to them getting hurt deeply. They’ve grown through their past, and it’s not something they’re ashamed of. In a world where everyone is trying to be perfect, a lot of us forget the beauty of imperfections.

They yearn for a love that makes them better people.

They want a love that will make them grow. That makes them a better version of themselves instead of just making them blush.

They have a strong sense of identity, and that can often feel threatening to other people.

They know who they are. They know who they want to be. They know what they want in, and out of love. This can often lead to a diminishing pool of suitors, but more importantly – not everyone knows how to love them.

They’re often brutally honest and that’s not something everyone can deal with.

Old souls don’t sugarcoat things. They don’t try to hide truths they feel strongly for. And that can often scare those who aren’t used to this.

They’re deeply sensitive and can often overthink things.

While being sensitive is an amazing quality, old souls are often deeply affected by things and have the capacity to worry and overthink till they eventually come in the way of their own beautiful hearts.