On Change: Every Goodbye Leads To A New Hello

We’ve been told to hold on to what we have. Two palms, gripping hard. Refusing to let go of the love that is ours. It’s only fair. We all crave for constants in this world where things change in the blink of an eye. We want something solid, something that won’t slip away through the gaps between our fingers.

However, if we were only taught to see how adventures are born, we would not hurt our hearts by clinging onto people and connections that have gone stale. We would not feel guilty about leaving spaces and places where we are not wanted, not respected. For you see, every adventure has it’s own beginning and it’s own ending.

The birth of something new can only occur when we’ve done away with the old. Every aspect of nature appreciates the turning over of a new season. A dead leaf will gracefully turn yellow and fall off its tree limb. A coarse pebble will crumble softly into dust in the river waters. A flower will scent the whole forest only to collapse gently into its own body to make space for a new bud, a new bloom.

Every ending is just a prologue for a beautiful new beginning.

Change uproots you from all that you’ve outgrown and plants you in fresh soil. It takes you away from the comfortable and demands a leap of faith. It promises you your treasure only if you prepare to dive into the unknown and meet with curiosity what awaits there. It is truly unpleasant, but it is the only way you breathe in growth.

If you are in the middle of a storm, know this: All that you’ve known is fading away, sometimes blown apart like a pile of matchsticks. But it is only so because what awaits you on the other side is a self you’ve been wanting to morph into. What lies beyond the chaos and also the destruction, is a seed. A seed that sings to you of possibilities.

How would we meet who we are to become if we do not bid farewell to the person we know right now? Would it be possible to experience a new journey if we did not step back from the one we are familiar with? How tragic would it be if every story ended on the same note, in the same way? Because change in its very self illuminates diversity.

Every ending smiles upon you with hopeful eyes.

For it wishes, more than ever, to make you smile with the gifts it beholds. So will you step up and meet change like a friend? Will you let it whisper to you of the incoming tides? Will you let is take you to new shores that need your feet and your heart and even your art? Will you throw away all those shackles because you’re so used to them and boldly ask for freedom?

Will you dare?

Will you let it happen, this time not with brutal disappointment but like the slow turning of a new page?