Lust Stories Is Honest & Funny, And Here’s Why We ALL Need To Watch It

Writing a story and entertaining people is no joke and it’s a struggle that many directors of our country go through. Considering Bollywood and the way it has evolved, it’s safe to say that we are NOT heading in the right direction. What we once called classic cinema is now being shredded and broken into pieces. Sounds brutal but it is the reality! What’s the problem you ask? Too much glamour and commercialization. The moment filmmakers start talking about money and the ratings of a movie, it’s meant to be doomed (unless the story-line is exceptional).

In a scenario like this, movies like Lust Stories that have nothing to do with earning millions through multiplexes, is actually a fresh change from the monotony. Ironically, directors who have focused on mainstream cinema until now, have presented their subtle and genuine stories through this movie. Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and Karan Johar- a list of names you wouldn’t expect to see together have grouped up to create a mosaic of beautiful stories. Who would have thought these cinematic magicians could be hiding such amazing, out-of-the-box tricks up their sleeves?!

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All these stories have been pictured and executed differently but there’s a pattern that you just can’t miss while watching them. No, not the actors or dialogues but the simplicity that it portrays. Talking about the theme of this movie, LUST is something that most of the people in India are afraid of talking about or maybe that’s what we have always observed and learned from people around us. But our generation has a whole new take on relationships and sex, which is something that has evolved recently. Be it a teenager or a guy in his thirties, sex is a need that they can’t deny and hence, they are judged for their desires and wanting, irrespective of the situation.

The four stories involving a married woman, a maid, an estranged love triangle and a not-so-happily-married woman are anything but boring. Their sexual needs and compatibility with the men in the movie are directed in such a way that they’ll grab your attention right from the first scene. The movie clearly isn’t trying to send out a message or display feminism; it’s a sneak peek into the casual sexual encounters that keep happening with normal people like us. Instead of justifying each relationship, the story-line is such that it lays everything out in the open and there isn’t anything left to our imagination.

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Needless to say, these directors have done a brilliant job with their stories. Trying to imagine a movie without romantic songs and over-the-top gestures is tough (especially in Bollywood) but after watching the trailer of Lust Stories, I was intrigued to find out what is it that we haven’t seen before or rather we are not talking about. I wouldn’t say that you’ll fall head over heels in love with the characters or their reel life tales but watching it is certainly a fresh change, a change that we didn’t know we needed. The fact that it’s streaming on Netflix is yet another sigh of relief because let’s be honest, we really don’t like buying movie tickets anymore.

Time to get some popcorn ready because you’re gonna watch it without a break.

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