15 Reasons You Should Take Pride For Being Practical In Life

Being strong is a blessing but the steps you take to be this way are often questioned. Life throws many surprises our way and it’s not every time that we are able to overcome our fear of facing a tough situation. Moments like these make you stronger and bolder to welcome life’s challenges with a smile. For some, these pit-stops are easy and for some it is always a struggle. These battles that we fight everyday define who we actually are and makes us wonder about why it’s happening and that too at such speed. Sooner or later, you realize that the more tactful and brutal you are, the more you are being judged (which sucks by the way). That’s when we feel a little different from the rest and give an explanation of how and why we are molded this way.

Because you know the struggle is too real.

This tough exterior is something that shields you from the brutal world. And if you don’t keep fighting, you won’t survive. Simple!

Life isn’t a piece of cake.

If you’re one of the few who are always occupied with life’s roller-coaster rides, then you know it is not easy.

Because you own it.

Having faced many problems, you realize that the only person standing by your side is you. More than a setback, it’s a cue for you to pick up the pieces and start the war (too dramatic but yes, it works IRL).

Life is too short to over-analyze things.

Despite knowing that life is short, we still give a crap about others. Whatever you’re going through will fade away and there are only a few moments of happiness that we have. So, why not live it?

Face it or hide, but you can’t ignore it.

A person who has been face to face with life’s battles knows how important it is to understand that they’re tough. But the moment you face this fear, you come out as a winner.

You like making your own rules and there’s nothing wrong with that.

There are times when we judge ourselves and rethink life’s decisions. And when it becomes all crystal clear, you know how to live each and every moment like a badass.

Nobody has a right of judging you without knowing you. Period.

The person you are today is because of the fact that you’ve faced almost every possible situation and it’s insulting for you when someone even makes an attempt of judging it.

Because all we get is one shot to actually LIVE it.

Easier said than done! But you’ll realize that there is a thin line between being happy and unapologetic and that’s where it all starts.

There’s never room for regrets.

Because you’ve been through the worst situations, there is literally no time and space for regrets in your life. And people who even make you think about it, are actually the worst.

You know when to take charge of situations.

Facing a situation with a thick skin is sometimes (rather every time) seen as being bossy. Let them think that and move on, because handling a job your own way is the right way.

Admit it, you love yourself the most (and that’s okay).

More often than not, people confuse selfish with self-love and there’s a very thin line between them. More importantly, when you start following your instincts, the real game begins.

You’ve a promise to keep to yourself.

Because you are done being emotional and caring. I’m not saying that people always take advantage of your vulnerability but if you think about it, taking a step back and becoming strong is more rewarding.

And you’ve literally seen the worst.

Well, this moment is actually a hint! If nothing is working out the way you have planned, it’s better you talk to yourself and figure out everything. But when you have seen the worst, these hitches seem to become mere hiccups.

Life’s isn’t always a philosophical journey for you.

Contrary to what most people believe in, it’s not every time that life finds a way and who knows it better than you?

Because this is always your mantra (below).

Call it being optimistic about life or just accepting reality, by the time others have figured it out, you have already realized that there is nothing like a bed of roses.