11 Things You’ll Get If You STILL Obsessively Love Harry Potter (Always!)

Amen to the world of J.K.Rowling, because nothing else even compares to its gilded charm. And now, ladies and gents, we are tribe. We, the folks who are utterly and blessedly ruined by the Harry Potter series, pledge our undying allegiance to it. Let’s face it, we’ve all tried to act either like Harry or Fred or any other HP character for that matter, at some point in time. And if you’re one of those too, this list will give you all the feels.

You’ve tried to ‘accio’ your lost things, multiple times.

Your boss highly resembles ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ in your head.

You’d give all your life’s earnings for an Invisibility Cloak.

You’ve Googled “Hogwarts location” only to realize that it can’t be spotted on any map.

Your ‘wish list’ includes your very own wand.

You’ve tried making Butterbeer from one of those DIY recipes on the internet.

Lines from the book often just come out of your mouth, albeit unconsciously.

You’ve tried all the spells there are, including the art of Apparition.

You don’t doubt that there’s a REAL Hogwarts out there somewhere.

Your brain sorts every new person you meet into a Hogwarts house.

You act (almost completely) like a Harry Potter character yourself.