You Don’t Always Have To Sprint, Sometimes It’s Okay To Walk (In 10 Little Ways)

The world of gadgets and digitisation may have made our lives easier, but it has also become really fast paced. Everything is available at the click of a button, be it communication, food, knowledge, information, the list is never ending. However, if you’ve failed to notice, let me bring it to your attention, that you or your life aren’t at the whims of a click. So in this lightspeed world, make a little time for yourself and things that make you, you.

Be Kind To Yourself.

Being overworked and stressed is a given nowadays but don’t forget that your mind, body and soul need rest and kindness. Make sure to take out time at regular intervals to distress yourself by indulging in activities that relax you or by simply doing nothing at all! It’s all about letting yourself know that you haven’t forgotten about yourself and being there for your own well-being.

Spend Time With Friends And Family.

While staying in touch through texts and memes is great, nothing matches a face to face meeting with your family members and friends. Remember what you see on video calls can’t replace what you see right in front of you. Phones and digital communication are a means to stay in touch regularly, not to replace the foundation of bonds and relationships. So make sure you go out for those Sunday brunches with your family or for that shopping afternoons to the mall with your friends. These will definitely rejuvenate you.

It’s Okay To Say ‘NO’.

The fact that the word ‘NO’ exists means it’s okay to use it, right? So don’t overburden yourself with professional or social commitments. If you think you can’t take on that extra deadline, DON’T. What’s the point of doing extra hours of work without your heart in it? And when and if you’re taking time out for yourself or your family members, it’s okay to say no to Friday night parties, too. What makes you happy and comfortable should be priority.

Digital Detox.

If you can go an entire day without looking at your phone or laptop or iPad, then you’re actually pampering your mind, body and soul. If you can do it once a week it’s great, if you can do it more, even greater, but try and do it. You will be surprised that the world or the memes don’t change much in a few days, so you won’t really be missing out on much. Maybe initially you’ll find yourself a little restless but eventually you’re going to love being away from the constant notifications in your life.

Don’t Shy Away From Pampering Yourself.

Do all the cliché things you’ve been making a mental list of. Go and buy that expensive bottle of lotion or that gorgeous bottle of wine for yourself, not because you’re hosting a party, but because they just make you happy. With the everyday rush of life that we go through to make ends meet, it’s also important to enjoy all that is around us. Look up from your work desk and remember to enjoy the great things that the world has to offer.

Remind Yourself ‘Everything Is Temporary’.

Any emotion that fills you up, be it anger, stress, tension, happiness, excitement, etc, are all temporary and life moves on. So don’t read too much into any emotion that you might be feeling. Ask yourself, ‘Will it matter five months from now?’ More often than not, your answer will be nah! And that’s what happens, we tend to forget that most of the stuff we get so worked up about really isn’t worth our mental energy. So keep reminding yourself during the ups and the downs that it’s all temporary and this too shall pass.

Don’t Let Money Define Success And Happiness.

You are as happy as you want to be. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn but if that is the defining factor of how happy you are, then you’ve got it all wrong. Money is supposed to make you comfortable in this materialistic and capitalist world, not happy. You and the moments in your life are supposed to make you happy. It is very important that you know the difference between the two and keep them clear in your head. If you enjoy each moment no matter how broke or rich you may, and remember to see joy in every little thing, you can be the happiest person. But if you calculate rupees before you let your lips curve into a smile, then I’m sorry, there won’t be many moments you’ll be smiling at.

You Can Only Control Yourself.

You cannot control others. You can never yell out words and change people and make them behave as per your expectations. The only mind, body and soul that you can control is your own. So while others may throw dirt at you, all you need to do is accept it or reject it. So accept only what is good for yourself and reject everything else. Keep your cool and love yourself.

Don’t Waste Minutes On What People Might Think.

Sometimes the way to find ourselves in this busy world is breaking the unwritten rules of the society and pissing some people off. Well, that’s okay. You are allowed to be selfish sometimes and look out for yourself even if that leads to frowns. You will never please all the people around you. But as long as you know what is it that you need and what’s good for you, go ahead, do it and never look back!

No Regrets.

Oh please don’t dwell on the past and think of ‘what could’ve been?’ By doing that you’re just wasting the minutes of your life, where you could be doing something in the present wholeheartedly. Since the past cannot be changed there’s no point having regrets. Yes, learn your lessons but also remember that at a point those decisions made sense, but you are wiser now and can make better choices. But yes, don’t have any regrets for thinking about yourself and doing what you wanted. You matter and you should know that.

While these are just some small tips for you to constantly keep yourself aware of your own well being, what really matters is how you stay in touch with yourself. With the many facades we all have in this digital world it’s very easy to get lost and not know who you are anymore. But, that’s okay. As long as you know you’re lost and need to find yourself again, you’re halfway there. Just get in touch with all those things you loved about yourself and reignite them. You will surely love yourself even more, because when we find something that we lost, we cherish it even more then before. Isn’t it?