7 Shocking Harry Potter Theories That’ll Make You Question The Whole Series (Totally!)

For the lovers of fantasy fiction, when the Harry Potter series was released, it was a dream come true. We had a story set in the current era, laced with fantasy and terms which made exploring the wizarding world an enchanting experience. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna; we made countless friends. They were not perfect individuals, but together, they were a force to reckon with.

However, with the last book of the series coming out in the year 2007, and the last movie in 2011, the story officially ended but the canons and theories didn’t. New tales and takes on the legendary series came up every now and then, with even Rowling participating and giving her views. And while we did enjoy and gasp at some theories that gave us a detailed after-view into those beloved books, there were certain theories that totally turned our world upside down.

Take a plunge as we bring to you a few of the latter for these are the ones that stayed with us.

1. And then Harry woke up…

This was perhaps the most heart-breaking of all. According to this theory, there could have been a last line, “And then Harry woke up, to the sound of Aunt Petunia banging her fist against his cupboard under the stairs.” Everything could have been Harry’s vivid imagination; with Hagrid being the slightly huge and kind man who waved to him once, a happy family of ginger-haired folks that reflected his own inability to have one, and a bushy haired, nerdy girl whom he once saw at the bookstore.

The worst part? Rowling herself stated that she had actually considered doing this. “I think that’s a fabulous point, and that speaks so perfectly to the truth of the books, because I had it suggested to me more than once that Harry actually did go mad in the cupboard, and that everything that happened subsequently was some sort of fantasy life he developed to save himself.” *sob*

2. Hogwarts was not a school of magic.

As per this theory, Hogwarts was actually a mental institution for kids aged between 11 to 18, who were unstable in the head and had imaginations that led them to believe in sorcery and magic. The school made use of that imagination to teach them what they could, by way of magic that did not exist, and kept them cut away from the rest of the world too, as muggle-wired internet and cell phones did not work there.

3. Poor, blundering Neville?

We all remember how bad Neville was with magic, but suddenly in book six, he transforms. He had shown remarkable improvement in book five when he joined Dumbledore’s Army, but in book six/seven, during the war and afterwards, his wizarding skills came to forefront. Many fans suggest that this was due to the fact that earlier Neville had been using his father’s wand, and hence his abilities were limited. The wand chooses the wizard, and his father’s wand hadn’t chosen him. He got his tailor-made wand from Ollivanders’ in book six, before the celebrated wandmaker was dragged off by Voldemort.

4. Ginny and Harry; it wasn’t love.

Ginny had forever been infatuated with Harry, ever since she set her eyes on him. On the other hand, Harry had always seen her as his best friend’s sister. However, their sudden bloom of love, and it turning into an eternal love story did not strike chords with many, and the fans came up with their own theory that Ginny may have induced their love by feeding Harry a love potion. They eventually did fall in love, but Ginny being a clever witch might have done so. Our views? We really don’t know, and at the end, they did get their happily-ever-after. Love potions can only take you this far, for we all remember what happened with Merope Gaunt, after all.

5. A justification of the ill-treating ways of the Dursleys.

The Dursleys were a mean lot, the worst set of muggles, and unfortunately Harry’s only living relatives and guardians. However, there is a theory that actually gives a justification for their inhuman behaviour towards Harry, and that is the fact that Harry himself was a horcrux. As per the theory, the Dursleys were no saints, but were a perfectly normal family who wanted no riff-raff to meddle with their normalcy. However, something about Harry brought the worst out in them. Remember how Ron and Harry turned into the worst versions of themselves upon wearing the Riddle’s heirloom locket that was a horcrux? That’s what happened here to the Dursleys, apparently.

6. Rita Skeeter in the muggle world.

This one is quite funny as many theories suggest that Rowling is in fact Rita Skeeter, who had been banished from the wizarding world due to her false and pretentious reporting, during which she cared not for the facts and only for the meat. She came into the muggle world and wrote all the books about the wizarding community to eventually become super rich. It’s funny because we have always imagined Hermione as a character who was fashioned after Rowling, given her intellect and not someone as malicious as Skeeter.

7. The Weasleys were a lot poorer.

We only get to see the Weasleys through the context of Harry and Hogwarts, so while we knew that they were poor, we never really got to know how poor they were. One fan actually wrote something about Harry and Ginny’s life post war. It was a normal scene at the dinner table, conversation flowing between a couple in love, one that has endured a lot together. Ginny jokes about Harry being worse than Ron as he wolfs down his food, to which Harry replies by saying he had to fight for it at the Dursley’s everyday, hence the habit, and that Ginny was lucky to have her mother’s food daily. This makes Ginny’s smile falter as she quietly eats. And then the truth strikes Harry; maybe the Weasleys didn’t get to eat every day, and that’s how poor they actually were.