‘Owning’ Your Actions Will Help You On The Road To Adulthood

Ah, ‘Adulting!’ Are you scratching your head at this point when I am referring to you as an ‘adult’? Is it freaking you out? Does it matter if we are ready (or not!) to grow up? It sure as hell does! Life doesn’t care for our apprehensions. We grow up, grow old, and the years roll on! Yet, adulthood doesn’t always feel right. It’s easily one of the ironies of life. When you’re a child you’re slightly envious of the the older generation, and you can’t wait to experience and enjoy the ‘freedom’ that is associated with ‘adulting.’ These childhood notions are debunked when you actually grow older, and your definitions of ‘cool’ and ‘freedom’ change quite rapidly!

There comes a time when you are struck with the realisation that you aren’t a child anymore! What’s more, there’ll always be someone reminding you of the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead. I’ve always wondered why people make it sound like it’s the worst thing that could happen to you! It is the ‘importance’ that is attached to ‘growing up’ that can make adulthood seem absolutely dismal. Let’s face it, we’ve never spoken of ‘responsibilities’ and ‘fun’ in the same breath. Perhaps, this is why we’re scared of being ‘burdened’ and living monotonously. Immaturity comes from an unwillingness to face life like a grown-up.

What is ‘growing up’, in a nutshell? Is it necessary to give up on our fantasies and our child-like enthusiasm in order to be mature? No, not at all! All you’ve got to do, is be open to change. Lemme amplify that… A lot of changes! When we’re children, our education in every aspect of life is institutionalized. In school, and to an extent, even in college, we aren’t really prepared for what lies ahead. Payments, cheques, loans, crazy work hours, relationships, hormones— you’re dealing with too many things at once. Life is suddenly rife with confusion and it finally hits home that you’re an adult.


Can we in any way, make this journey less daunting and more beautiful? Can we, once and for all, shed our fears and grow up into fine human beings without the damned worry of growing ‘old’? I think we can. It’s silly to think that you can run away from the challenges of life. My point is, why should you? Why should we believe that everything is difficult and intimidating? Well, even if it is, let’s try it! You might perform some of your tasks poorly. Let’s say, if you’re learning to cook, you may churn out a few tasteless dishes to begin with. In another case, your anxiety of addressing an audience could make you stammer while making an important presentation in office. You’ll find yourself in embarrassing situations more than once. I guarantee, that your mistakes and slip-ups will be endless. However, the most damaging mistake would be to not make these mistakes at all! Did you made a mistake today? So what!? Tomorrow, make another! Why do you care who’s judging you, or who’s laughing at you behind your back? When did they ever matter?

To live in constant fear is a curse. Few of my acquaintances are intent upon forging ‘casual’ relationships with women/men because they’re too scared of emotionally investing in another person. Sometimes the hurt from a toxic affair lingers on for longer than you’d wish. I’m not going to scoff at matters of the heart. All the same, how long can you keep this up? This ‘I’m too scared to try anything new’ act is going to affect your self-confidence in ways you would’ve never imagined!

Give adulthood a chance and you’ll realize that maturity is a step closer to understanding yourself a little better! When you’re taking responsibility, you are in complete control of your self. Responsibilities prepare you for situations that will require you to be strong and brave in the future. Your willingness to fight, learn and grow everyday will determine the quality of your life. It’s important to ‘own’ our actions, choices and mistakes every day!

Change yourself for the better, reinvent your personality, and stop blaming people, situations or factors that you can’t control. Life’s too short to squander on a vapid blame-game.

Live through your days knowing fully well that you never failed at taking ownership of your life’s decisions. Even if you were sloppy on certain days, you at least managed to clean up the mess later. That is what matters. Make yourself and those around you proud!

Remember to be like fine wine and get better with age!


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