The ‘Little Things’ Book Is Out – And OMG, SOMEONE HOLD ME!

Sometimes a great movie can become an even greater book. And sometimes a book can be transformed into a visual delight. But it’s all in the hands of the creator. And we’ve had Dipen Shah, the author of the ‘Little Things’ book perform a thorough charm on one of our favorite web series.

If you haven’t caught up on the series, what are you even doing, my friend? But if you’re a Dhruv-Kavya fan like me, you know how nostalgic it is to go back to one of the most real love stories of our time. From curing a terrible day at work to just sitting around, gobbling up each other’s sandwiches, this is a tale of two young people who base their relationship on honesty and the magic of the little things in life. If you’re expecting a damsel in distress who’s swept away by her prince charming, this ain’t it. It’s far from all the Mills and Boons drama and centers around heart to heart communication and the love for biryani.

My love, need I say more? The baby is OUT! You’ve got to grab it right away, snuggle in bed with your coffee or chair and read till your eyes droop. Come on then, get your copy here.