This Small Book Business Helps You Meet The Book Of Your Destiny (WHAAAT!)

A couple of weeks ago, I received an Instagram DM from a lady named Shariya Aman. She had been following my work for a while and she told me that she ran a small book business. The mention of books instantly caught my attention. Shariya told me about how she believed each one of us had a book destined for us. This book, as unexpected as it may seem, was out there, waiting for us to take notice. What Shariya and her team did was to seal the distance between that destined book and its reader.

I was trembling with sheer joy. I’ve always believed books find their way to their readers. And those ways were sometimes filled with the most unexpected surprises. This was one. This small book business which aims to make books meet their chosen readers is named ‘Destino’. Moreover, if you sign up for this, they don’t pick or choose any particular title for you. They anonymously pick a paperback and send it across, letting destiny play its role throughout.

Would you want to meet this one book destined for you? Would you want to grab the chance of knowing what literary affliction has your name on it? Then I urge you to check ‘Destino’ out, right now and sign up for the coolest reading experience of your life!