Are You ‘Strong’ Enough To Be Sensitive? Justin Baldoni Asks Every Man

Patriarchy has been toxic. Since times immemorial, men have been taught to be tough and resilient, while women are deemed to be dainty and submissive. The entire justification behind this is reasoning is: that’s how nature has wired the two genders. But as the lines are blurring and we see more men and women swap ‘categorized’ roles, helping each other out, we can’t help but wonder, is there really is a clear line that tells the two apart, anatomy being an exception?

Most of what everyone fails to understand is that patriarchy is equally harmful to men.

Men love challenges.

Men aren’t weak enough to cry.

Men can’t be soft.

Men ‘should’ be boisterous, in EVERY SINGLE THING THEY DO.

That’s what patriarchy demands of them, not nature. Hence, Justin Baldoni, American actor and filmmaker, has posed a challenge to all the men in his recent Ted Talk.

To put it simply, “Are you strong enough to be sensitive?”

Watch it and watch it again. For this will certainly make you think hard. And if you indeed are a strong man, you should have strength enough to accept this challenge with a smile, because accepting your innate humaneness ain’t defying your masculinity.