10 Things To Consider Before You Say “Yes” To A New Relationship

There are very few things in life that are as exciting as starting off a new relationship with a person you love. While it’s wonderful to feel loved, a relationship is much more than loving one another. It takes conscious efforts and nurturing to make a relationship work. To make it a fulfilling journey for both souls involved. Sometimes we lose sight of what is really important in a relationship because we think loving someone is the sole criterion for a successful relationship. Here are few things we feel need to be considered before saying ‘YES’ to a new relationship.

1. Are you ready for a relationship?

First and foremost, check with yourself if you are ready for a new relationship. Whether you are ready to let someone walk into the hidden corners of your soul. To be seen inside out – both for your beauty and flaws. If you are someone who is recovering from a breakup – do you feel confident to walk into a new one without the weight of past dragging you down?

If you feel YES, let the celebration begin!

2. Clarity on what a relationship means to you.

It is important to have clarity on what a relationship means to you. How your ideas of a relationship align with your partner’s ideas would form the foundation for your journey ahead. It’s always great to have a free and open discussion on this, before you find yourself attached to one another.

3. Can you be yourself around them?

While you may have to make a few compromises in a relationship, it’s important that you don’t compromise on being who you are, your identity.
The only way your relationship could last is, if you could find someone who could kiss your scars, embrace your flaws, and adore your craziness.

4. How you feel in his/her presence

While the butterflies in the stomach is where your love is said to begin, in a relationship what’s most important is the sense of comfort and ease you feel with one another.

5. Can you embrace each other’s flaws?

While it’s their beauty (physical, mental, emotional) that attracts you to them, it is how well you both could handle each other’s flaws that would give strength to your relationship. Find someone who could embrace your flaws, and you are set for a lifetime.

6. Dreams and passion: Can the difference be accepted & appreciated?

While it’s not a must that your dreams and passion should match, it’s a must that you both respect, encourage and appreciate each other’s dreams and passion.

7. Do you respect each other’s individuality?

Well, even when love says you both are one soul in two bodies, make sure you don’t take it literally. For a relationship out well, it’s important that you respect each other’s individuality.

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.”

– Khalil Gibran

8.How does he/she get along with your family & friends?

Your life gets much simpler if your partner gets along well with your family and friends. He/she deserves brownie points for this one.

9. Does he/she make you smile and laugh more often?

There is nothing like finding someone who can make you smile and laugh, even when you feel low and depressed. It’s a blessing only a few could enjoy, so grab it with both hands if it comes your way.

10. Can you both have honest and vulnerable conversations?

Honest and vulnerable conversations are what build intimacy in a relationship. So make sure you are with someone who can handle your truth, and has the courage to speak truth even when it may not be comfortable.