Patanjali Came Out With Its Own WhatsApp, Then Withdrew, & I Am Just CONFUSED

Hi friends, in another edition of What’s-Going-On, Patanjali announced its own version of WhatsApp…the Kimbho App.

The app was unveiled on Wednesday with the tagline ‘Ab Bharat Bolega’ and was presented as the “swadeshi” equivalent of popular messaging app WhatsApp. According to Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala, Kimbho is a Sanskrit word that means “How are you?” or “What’s new?”. Obviously, things got funny…

Cool, anyway. That bit still makes sense (a little, at least). Users were quick to point out that the app was a complete rip off, but then, some other joke – worthy problems came up…

And this..

Barely 24 hours later, the app was pulled down from Google Play Store after users raised data security concerns (that’s funny considering the entire claim was to not sell user data et cetera et cetera…) claiming it to be a “trial”, the company said that it will be officially launched soon and is a “technical work in progress.”

Well, let’s see what happens next. Baba never disappoints. While I wait for the app to relaunch, let me go back and make myself some Magg —-‘ I mean, some sub-standard atta noodles as such..

See you, text me! (On Whatsapp…for now.)