15 Tiny Quotes That Are All The Motivation You Need To Follow Your Heart

Inspiration comes in so many forms. Sometimes, a TED talk does the trick, or perhaps listening to a motivational speech, or maybe even a classic monologue in that favourite film of yours that you never tire of. And sometimes, all it takes is finding just a few words, the right words, that say the right things and right away, you know your heart feels lighter. Like anything is possible.

Well, at least that’s how the words of freespiritpoetry would make you feel, anyway. True to its name, the Instagram page is strewn with words that are sure to lift your spirits higher and nudge you, in little ways, to finally follow your heart.

No one can set you free like you can.

Yet another reason to love who you are.

Soar high.

There’s nothing worse than the prison of routine.

Being weird is awesome!

Let your heart tell you things you need to hear.

Make room for kindness.

Stand your ground. Strive for more.

It isn’t easy to let others heal you.

To loving with everything you have.

Failures raise you higher.

Forgiveness is the only way forward.

Don’t let wild thoughts drown out your inner voice.

If you must look, look within.

Listen to your heart.