Indian Weddings, Annoying Relatives & Shah Rukh Khan; This Comedian Nailed It ALL

It’s not uncommon to spot hordes of stand-up comedians in India, as of today. Comedy is a tricky thing. You can either have the audience hooting you on or there’s this deadpan silence even after you’ve cracked your best joke. I guess what I am trying to say is this: it’s difficult to find a stand-up comedian you can continue watching, show after show. But Sundeep Sharma’s raw, unprecedented comedy proves he’s a natural.

We all have a bunch of ridiculously annoying relatives who are such a pain in the ass to deal with. Weddings or no weddings, they seem to get underneath our skin and we’ve got to refrain from the temptation of beating them to pulp. But what happens if your blessed with a wry sense of humor that is a perfect way to entertain yourself while dealing with these family members? You TOTALLY use it like Sundeep does, especially when he’s expected to be in close terms with Shah Rukh Khan (wait, what?!). I’ll say no more. Plug in your headphones and sit back to laugh for a good ten minutes.