To My Love, No Matter The Dark Days, I’ll Love You Always

Dear love of my life,

I still remember the first time we met. Still in the teens, reverberating from the jolt of youth, shying away in the adulthood that bloomed from adolescence. I walked through the hazy folds of the path that’s called life, unsure, unheard, wallowing in my being.

And then I saw you.

You were there, just like anyone else, and yet so different. The rhythm of our hearts beat just the same, dancing to a tune no one understood, beating with a fervour no one matched up to. We met like scorching fires, and knew that the meeting would burn everything around us.

We tiptoed through the coals,
Only to entangle in the fire of our hearts,
The beating of which made us sure,
Of us, forever, together.

However, the roses, my love, fade away after a while. The fragrance is still there in our hearts, in the core of our being, but the thorns start prickling too. You are confused, so am I. It’s a first step towards a journey that promised nothing, just faith and endurance from us, for us.

I promise you, that I will walk over those coals for you, get prickled by those thorns for you. I promise to take away and absorb the pain that threatens to make your heart ache. I promise, that I will always be there, even if apocalypse folds down the entire world down on us.

Love is not what the world bows down to,
Hate is the armour they wish to adorn.
But we, my love, will be an exception.

I will hold your hand, and walk through the fire with you, if I cannot douse it. I will be a part of your pain as much as I am a part of your heart and soul. I will kiss away the laboured breaths, the hard pangs that being together brings.

I will be with you, forever, through the ups and downs of our lives. And this, my love, is a promise that I make, for an eternity of infinite love and life that lies before us, which started since the day our hearts were bound together.

Forever yours,
The girl you promised your heart to