13 Empowering Things I Learned When I Let Go Of The Person I Loved

The last year has been…interesting for me. It was a year of heartbreak and triumphs. A year where I often let heartbreak eclipse my triumph, beating myself up over “not fighting harder” for someone I thought was the love of my life. For taking a step back and choosing myself over that someone. But then, I moved on. I found that letting go, is sometimes the most freeing thing you’ll ever do for yourself, filled with lessons and love.

Life is bigger than heartbreak. That I can survive pain, even when it seems like the opposite – especially when it seems like the opposite.

Choosing to let someone go, to try to move on from someone who hurts me isn’t giving up – it’s an act of self-love.

Just because it didn’t last, just because it ended in heartbreak, doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

You’re also allowed to miss and not want them back.

Missing someone you know was bad for you does not make you weak. It makes you human.

Relationships don’t run on intent and love alone – they also run on actions and the willingness of both people to put in the work.

Healing takes time. I’m not in a competition to “move on” and have that “fabulous single life”.

People deserve a love that makes them better – that makes them want to be better. Because love is the best thing that we do…

The fact that two people couldn’t make it work doesn’t make them bad people – it just makes them bad for each other.

Some people will always hold a special place in my heart. And that doesn’t mean that I haven’t moved on.

I will find love again. Love isn’t something that hits just once – it will come to me again.

Though I had to let go of the “love of my life”, I still have a life full of love, a life worthy of love.

I had to let go of the “love of my life”, but I do have soulmates. They come in the form of those friends who know me inside out.