15 Bookish Quotes Every Book Lover Will Swear By (Sniffs A Page)

I think the first time we readers encountered a good book, it shattered us right through…in all the good ways possible. Suddenly, we have a new pair of eyes to gaze and understand the world with. We’d seek fellow readers and more often than not, try to gauge the title of a book that was being read by someone in a train/bus. We’d wait to finally meet someone who’d read the same books as we had and to indulge in bookish conversations for hours on end.

If books are the first loves of your life, these 15 quotes will make you feel warm and loved.

A constant worry.

Books have bits and pieces of breathing life inside their pages.

Our kind of heaven.

A book should break open your heart and it should keep doing so, ever more.

There are no constants like books, not even soulmates.

When you know you’ve just finished a ‘once in a lifetime’ kinda book.

Books over anything or anyone, any day.

Where all our savings vanish…

Temptation comes in the form of fresh book spines and crisp pages.

You know you’d not like a book that didn’t keep you hooked on for the answers you seek.

True friendship is found in the pages of a book.

There is an uncanny clarity in the way a book speaks to you.

It’s not the number of pages you’ve managed to gobble up, but the words that have seeped into your skin and stayed.

This is how you pick the lifelong favorites…

The sole truth of our lives.