13 Tiny Things That Make Life Beautiful – Every Day

Folks, to be honest, I was insanely overwhelmed last week (and I know there’s probably loads of you going “same”!). I needed just a teeny tiny ray of joy and beauty in my life. And while everyone kept recommending things I could try out, I simply had no time.

And then, guys, I just took a deep breath and decided to take a nice, long shower. That’s all. I walked out of that shower with my head clear and my spirits lifted. Most importantly, I realised that if you have to find joy and beauty in life, it is already everywhere, EVERY DAY. You just have to make a few simple changes in your perspective, and voila!

Those rays of sunlight streaming in through the windows!

Yes, I know it hurts to be separated from our beloved beds, but let’s take a teeny-tiny minute to think about how awesome it is that we have another day to live at all! That’s what that daily ray of morning sunshine stands for.

New days, new opportunities!

That perfect cup of coffee (or good ol’ chai) in the morning.

Even better when you get to make it, or watch it being made in front of you! Watching that cloud of milk blend into that lovely concoction. And knowing, that you and this cup are going to be best friends and get through so many mornings together.

Receiving texts from the people who love you.

Right from your mom’s morning texts, to the memes your friends tag you in. Even that huge WhatsApp group that keeps trying to get you to participate! All of these texts are reminders of how much you are thought of, remembered and loved every day!

Long showers and the amazing thoughts that come with them!

Like I said, I believe some of life’s greatest epiphanies strike us in the shower. Add to that your favorite body-wash, a loofah, and everyday showers become a therapeutic place.

Meal times and sharing food with others.

I can’t imagine my life without good food. And I believe that meal times aren’t just a chore to be completed because hey, the body needs fuel. They are opportunities to satisfy your heart and soul. And to be able to share your dabba or takeout with others? There’s a strange beauty in that, don’t you think?

The comfort of our familiar habits…

For me, it is all about heading right back home, kicking out of my work pants and turning into a blanket-burrito. And of course, binge-watching the TV show I started watching a week ago but am already obsessed with!

It’s a ritual now. And a wonderful one.

…and the excitement of new ones.

But the true beauty of our daily lives are also in those little, amazing changes we make to our routines! For example, I switched from my regular soap to using a fragrant shower gel and my bath times have now become a fancy, fabulous affair that sets my day off to a great start.

The unique talents and hobbies we have!

They say beauty radiates inside out, and boy, are they right! We all have our own little quirks, qualities and hobbies that make us beautiful on the inside.

Those doodles you draw, those songs you sing and those little scribblings of poetry you write for yourself, they all keep your heart and soul so happy, it shows!

The smiles…even if they’re brought on by lame jokes!

The smile you bring to someone’s face with your bad puns or compliments. The smile someone brings to your face by cracking a lame joke. Smiles are free, and take no effort at all! Seriously. Try it right now! See?

All they do is bring tiny bits of beauty to the world. I’m gonna smile to that.

Music – for all moods, people and occasions!

No matter where you are, no matter what time of the day it is, music will always make you feel good. Always.

Unless you feel sad, in which case there’s always sad music to remind you, you’re not alone.


Think about it: every conversation you’ve ever had has made you the person you are today. Be it the heartfelt ones with your closest friends or the boring ones with the a co-worker who really tests your patience.

Conversations build you up, each one of them. And as long as you’re having them, you’re learning, every day!

Admiring our natural selves, every day.

Do you look at your reflection in the mirror and think “gosh, I look great!”, every day? Well, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just fall in love with our laugh, our voices and our bodies? In love with who we are naturally, but tend to hide or overlook?

The long-deserved sleep that finally comes to you at the end of a hard day.

There you go. You’ve worked hard, you’ve lived your day (and have been dreaming of that beloved bed for a while now). So let that wonderful sleep that you deserve roll over you!