My Instagram Is Filled With Sonam Kapoor’s Cannes Outfits & I’m SHOOK!

I know she was getting married and all, but I just really needed to see her walk that red carpet in Cannes, because hell, who doesn’t associate Sonam “The Fashionista” Kapoor with this mega-film-festival? And what I absolutely CANNOT stop obsessing over are her are-these-even-real outfits that make Cannes what it is, for me. So I am going to settle in and lead your through a quick set of gorgeous Sonam Kapoor outfits that literally spell magic.

All the love for Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan. *girl power*

The twirl-it moment which just hit the next level, peeps.

Chillin’ in beau Anand’s jeans like a queen.

Just a couple of details, that’s all.

Ladies and gents, that’s a Disney Princess envy-worthy, that dress.

And she goes orange.

A last look at some pretty dress deets.