15 Things You Get If EVERYONE Thinks You’re Dating Your Best Friend

So, I’m single. But the world has mistaken me for taken multiple times. I mean, most people I know think I’m dating my best friend (s), mostly because I spend time with them. And the thing is: I’m not. And people thinking I’m dating them doesn’t help change my single status. On the plus side though: I have friends who could rival #RelationshipGoals. If you’ve experienced the “WAIT YOU AREN’T DATING YOUR FRIEND?!”, then this is for you.

Your parents keep trying to get you married off to him/her, and have probaaaably legit discussed it with you.

People magically appear with strings of “AWWWWWWWW”s whenever the two of you talk. Which is a lot.

They also act all surprised every time they see you flirting with someone else.

You constantly have to correct people, and watch their faces fall when you tell them you guys aren’t dating.

Everytime you guys hang out, it’s suddenly a “date” (SHOULDN’T DATES BE MORE ROMANTIC?!)

It also gets kinda, sort of awkward when you guys watch rom-coms together, because the leads ALWAYS START OUT AS FRIENDS!

This “created by everyone else” romance with your BFF comes in the way of ACTUAL romance because your crush has probably heard that you’re taken.

But really, you and your best friend are perfect, apart from the tiny matter of not being attracted to each other AT ALL.

Even those who KNOW you aren’t dating talk about how you guys will probably discover feelings for each other and fall in love.

And the people you ACTUALLY date tend to be just slightly jealous of the relationship you have with your best friend.

You guys sometimes act like y’all are actually a couple, just to test your acting skills out.

Annnnd…for all the awkwardness and complaining, y’all have made the “if we’re both still single in 10 years, we’ll just marry each other” pact.

You kinda want to clonk people on the head and yell “PEOPLE CAN SPEND TIME TOGETHER WITHOUT DATING!”

But you also kinda get why people think you’re dating – you guys ALWAYS take care of each other.

But really, the truth is that no matter who you “fall in love with”, your best friend is your soulmate.