When Things Don’t Seem To Go Your Way, Hang In There

You know how it is. Life seems to be going rather slow, you feel like all your dreams are coming crashing down and it feels like you’re swimming in this weird limbo. You try to take control of the situation, you try to push your way forward but time seems to throw you back at double the speed. You really don’t know what to do.

Exactly the way Ray from Adulting feels when she really wants that project at work, and all her boss asks her to do is “be patient”. Phew! If that wasn’t enough, there is also this niggling feeling that everyone else around you seems to be living a rather perfect life. Your friends are getting promoted, a lot of them have steady, loving relationships and most of them seem to soaring towards S.U.C.C.E.S.S. And here you are, still trying to get your wits together and survive yet another month of life.

For a moment now, just take a deep breath. Keep all your thoughts aside. And now listen to what Nikhat’s got to say about growing up and not having your life sorted like you’d imagine you would when you just left college: