Tulips In Holland Are Blooming, & The Photos Will Give You MAJOR Wanderlust

About a month ago, I visited Kashmir. Yes, the trip was full of views that were absolutely stunning, but the place that truly stole the show was the Tulip Garden. I mean, rows and rows of stunning, colourful flowers that made even the most cynical of us fall in love with brightness. So when photos of Holland- you know, the place really known for its tulips- started flooding my timeline, I COULDN’T LOOK AWAY. Really guys, if you’re anything like me and low-key love natural beauty, then enjoy. And start saving up for a trip to Holland.

So many colours, so much beauty.

A bit of nature in the city.

How is this EVEN REAL?!

This calms me down.

When ‘feeling blue’ is actually beautiful.

A river of blue

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Hues of hope.

Paint the sky with flowers.

An unlikely river.

What wouldn’t I give for a picnic here?

I’m jealous of the people who live here.

Happiness is walking through this.

Fields of gold.

Heaven is indeed, a place on earth.

Pretty in pink.

How stunning!