13 Things You’ll Totally Love If You’re Someone Who’s Always Short On Time

They say there are 24 hours in a day…well, that’s what they say. And yet it is so that you find yourself wondering, sometimes several times a day, how this fact could be scientifically accurate. How can you always be running out of time? And is there no way around this perennial time-crunch called ‘life’?

Well, yes there is! With an entire generation going through the same dilemma, of course there are life-savers that help us save, manage, or make the most of whatever time we DO have! If you’re someone who gets this, here are 13 things you absolutely love!

Direct, honest people who say just as much as needs to be said.

Ever had to listen to someone go on and on about something they’ve already talked about…like always? You know you have. Which is why direct people are the greatest blessing to humanity!

Gadgets that UNDERSTAND you don’t have the time to do your chores well, every day.

After I’ve had a million things going on at work, the last thing I want is to be supervising a machine that was supposed to ‘make my life easier’. Which is why it’s a good thing there are washing machines like Bosch’s Power Wave Wash System that does the job for me with just a single button. And it takes better care of my clothes than I honestly ever could.

Good ol’ frozen/instant/ready-to-eat food (that’s saved your soul on lazy days).

Honestly, where would my hostel life even be without these? I don’t live in a hostel anymore, but these food items are still friends forever.

All the apps and planners that help you sort out your life better than you ever could.

Because let’s face it: can we really do it on our own? Can we? Damn right, we can’t!

Love ’em or hate ’em, alarm clocks are your favourite blessings.

It might be a love-hate relationship with this fella, but a world without alarm clocks would be a world without…work. Yeah.

Those outfits you can literally just grab off the cupboard and wear (you know which ones)!

The unsung heroes of our wardrobe: clothes that don’t need ironing, shoes without laces, clip-on ties, and of course…velcro! Also, to take care of these precious pieces of clothing, you’ve got a smart machine like Bosch’s Power Wave Wash System to handle it all with just a single button.

Friends who are equally obsessed with punctuality and actually show up on time!

Surround yourself with positive people…and also people who make plans and show up on time! You know, people who know 8 p.m. is not 8.45 p.m. Or people who know 8 p.m. is definitely not “on my way, bro”.

Those lesser-known clever shortcuts that help you beat the traffic.

You know, those sneaky routes you’ve figured out after endless trial and error and all that research on online maps. These are the secrets you’ll take with you to the grave.

Work meetings that start and end on time (woohoo)!

The office miracles where everything on the agenda is covered, discussions are crisp and everyone knows just what to do afterwards. Amen!

Meaningful, but short and sweet books (or movies).

Because as much of a cultural buff as you might be, you do not have the time (or patience) to go through the thousands of pages that the Lord of the Rings trilogy demands.

All the life hacks you can get your hands on!

If you HAVE to spend your time online, it makes sense to spend it on things that can HELP you save time in the future, right? Did you know there’s a way to tie your laces in 2 seconds?

Auto or taxi drivers with a need for speed (even as you fear for your life).

You’ve watched your life flash before your eyes, and you do not condone this at all. But you got to your meeting in time and your heart fills with gratitude for this stranger who made it his business to get you there.

Those special, super-productive days you can barely believe you pulled off!

And of course, those special, cherished days when you seem to be able to do…everything. You had your coffee, you had your schedule, you had your mind on track and whoosh! Look at all the work you got done, hon!

This article has been written in partnership with Bosch.