If You Didn’t LOL At These 14 Bollywood Scenes, Then You’re Dead On The Inside

I’m not the happiest person to be around. Really. Smiles appear once every 300 years, and most of them when I’m in front of a screen. When I’m watching brilliantly written scenes that make even my resting bitch-face crack up. So if you’re having a bad day, and simply want to LOL your way through it: here you go. And if you don’t LOL at this, then maybe you’ve forgotten how to laugh.

When Veeru drunkenly stood on the water tower when Basanti rejected his proposal in ‘Sholay’.

Jai literally giving zero fucks added to the scene.

When Geet loses her shit and swears at Anshuman for breaking her heart in ‘Jab We Met’.

The fact that the movie was hellah emo right before that scene made it EVEN better. Plus, Geet’s gaalis definitely gave me a lot of new things to say to the people I didn’t like.

Chatur’s in retrospect, problematic speech in ‘3 Idiots’.

All of us laughed when we first saw this scene. And probably still do. Of course, in retrospect- WHY DID WE EVER FIND RAPE FUNNY?

When Amar and Prem rescued the girls in THE MOST RIDICULOUS way in ‘Andaz Apna Apna’.

Of course, this movie is FULL of gems. But this scene – well, modern day action movies should take lessons from this laughter festival, complete with clean, even sweet comedy.

And of course, when they call crime-master Gogo’s cape a ghaghra.

“Gogo ji, aapka ghaghra.”


When Baburao can’t tolerate all the wrong number calls anymore in ‘Hera Pheri’.

I mean, all of us knew it was going to happen. The whole movie is a masterpiece of comedy, but Paresh Rawal’s exasperation in this scene had even the most serious of us laughing.

The final scene in ‘Hungama’, when every misunderstanding in the entire movie culminates in well…a bunch of people getting shocked. Literally.

The entire movie was a series of misunderstandings, but the climax topped it all. Also, YOU CANNOT STOP LAUGHING AT HOW FUNNY HUMANS GETTING ELECTRICALLY SHOCKED LOOKS (WTF is wrong with me, lol).

Anthony drunkenly putting medicine on his reflection in ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’.

Okay, so this one also sort of tugs at your heartstrings. But it’s also SO RELATABLE. I mean, honestly, who hasn’t given speeches to their reflection after getting beaten up? (if you have actually done this, then I worry for you).

Munna walking into college to take admission, like the gangsta he is in Munna Bhai- MBBS

Everything about this is LOL-worthy. The expression of shock on everyone’s faces as Munna and Circuit walk around like they own the place. Boman Irani’s brilliant acting as he laughs through his anger. It’s comedic perfection.

When a dangerous gangster got a bag full of poop instead of diamonds in ‘Delhi Belly’.

Okay, so I LOVE this movie. Everything about it. Except, I couldn’t drink orange juice after watching this. But this scene, filled with irony and toilet humour that even the most squeamish of us will laugh at, is iconic. I mean, it’s even a meme. For good reason.

The iconic, unintentionally hilarious rendition of the Mahabharata in ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro’.

So I’m going to be completely honest here: I didn’t watch this movie until I started writing this piece, and that’s because everyone I spoke to told me that I couldn’t write on Bollywood comedies WITHOUT this movie. So I watched it while eating lunch, and ended up forgetting about food about halfway through. This scene though: with a supposedly serious epic battle as the background- this scene had me laughing till my stomach ached.

When Gopal and Madhav in ‘Golmaal’, act like they’re blind to hide their identity from their college professor – and Madhav goes all ‘Black’ on the audience.

So this one starts out slow, and then slowly turns into a series of moments that are comedic gold. Right from the professor getting slapped by Gopal to Madhav going all out ‘Black’ on us, it’s 7 odd minutes of leaving your brains behind and LOL’ing your way through life.

In ‘Dhamaal’, when Boman and Nari call up the distress tower hoping for help, only to encounter Dev Prasad giving them gyan about EVERYTHING except landing the plane.

So as a movie, ‘Dhamaal’ is FULL of fun moments. But this scene does what so many movies try to hard to do: it makes imminent death…funny. Without going down the dark humor part. Or making us wonder why we’re laughing at the fact that two very scared people were having to control a plane with zero help from someone who sounded like he needed a million cups of coffee to wake up.

When Rahul finds out that Meena has some…issues when it comes to sleeping at night in ‘Chennai Express’.

Honestly, Deepika’s acting here was ON FUCKING POINT. She was kinda like Manjulika, except without the ‘this woman is dangerous’ vibe. Plus Rahul’s shocked expression is HILARIOUS.