When You Have A Million Followers, But Only One Best Friend

I’m someone who constantly checks social media. Who tracks how many people have seen my Instagram stories and tracks EVERY stupid poll EVER. Mostly because it gives me the illusion of well…having people care. And the truth is, they probably do. I mean, they care enough to reply to my stories, and be nice to me when the Internet can be a truly, truly dark place. And honestly, their replies make me forget the friends I’ve made IN REAL LIFE.

You know, the best friend who stuck around before I was even on social media. Who’s been there for 8 years, through my bad braces phase, and my even worse, hair phase- though TBH, I sometimes think she just stuck by to take bad photos of me and then blackmail me with them, but oh well. Either way – through my forever fluctuating equation comprised of people who follow and then unfollow my life on social media, she’s the ONE person who has chosen to not unfollow me, for real. Even though I had to beg her to follow me on Instagram.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it? Social media can be a fun place. It can help you forget the things you have going on in real life. But the followers? Well, you can become friends with them, but they’ll never really be able to replace the person who sees you without makeup, on a real #NoFilter day, and loves you anyway. And that’s EXACTLY what I realised when I watched the 3rd episode of Dice Media’s newest web-series: Adulting. When Nikhat gets caught up in the whirlwind of social media she has her best friend Ray protecting her and keeping her grounded through it all.

Watch the two of them balance each other out perfectly, and give us the ultimate #FriendshipGoals here:

Dice Media | Adulting | Web Series | S01E03 | Friends Ya Followers

From the makers of Little Things and What The Folks (WTF!) comes “Adulting”, a coming of age story about two young women trying to handle the responsibilitie…