To Every Excited Traveller, 20 Photos From The ‘World’s Happiest Country’– Bhutan

For reasons unknown, I’ve always felt a pull towards Bhutan. It’s not exactly a “bucket list” whim, and it’s not something I came to fancy after watching prayer flags adorning blue-green mountains. It was the spirit of the Bhutanese people that made me want to pack my bag and give this country a chance. While it may seem completely cliched, I wanted to learn the secrets of leading a happy life from the happiest people in the world.

Yes, I am definitely smitten by the day-to-day natural beauty Bhutan has to offer, but I am equally smitten by the way of life there. And even though it’s going to still be a while before I get to finally venture there, every enthusiastic traveller or non-traveller deserves a glimpse of this beautiful country. These 20 photos here do just that.

Waking up to this…

People who have the easiest smiles.

A climb that makes every step worth it.

A close-up to what your home here could look like.

Gangtey Palace Hotel, Paro, Bhutan #Bhutan #Paro #GangteyPalace

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The Buddha gracing all of us from above.

Walks and thoughts of pure color.

Rows upon rows of the best of wishes.

Peek-a-boo (because who wants to be inside when there are mountains just past the windows).

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Sitting right under trails of blessings.

Godliness breathes outside temples, too.

The regulars.

the land of happiness #bhutan

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Taking a step back to meet this…

Slowing down enough to cherish each breath.

Festivals of the Bhutanese family.

A little rain and happiness rolls in, double time.

Why not be excited for a brand new day of life?

Contemplation followed by a lot of smiling.

Ready for daily work

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The sky in Bhutan is happy, too.

Sunshine-topped roofs.

Roads taking you home.