Sustainable Periods – Why Exactly Is The Cup Mightier Than The Pad?

The menstrual cup has been around for quite a while, but hasn’t been widely excepted all around because of cultural reasons specific to different regions in our country. In India, insertion = deflowering (what even?). But it is important to know all the alternatives that are available in order to make informed decisions about one’s body.

Growing up, I always used disposable pads when I had my period. I didn’t like them one bit. The rashes, the stains, it was wayyy too painful. But I settled because I wasn’t aware of any other menstrual products. A few years later, I heard about tampons, but there was a lot of shame associated with inserting a tampon, and older women around me always told me that it is something you use after marriage (read “after losing your virginity”).

About 4-5 years ago, I read an article about menstrual cups. And that changed my life forever.

Not only did it sound convenient and comfortable, but it also was extremely eco-friendly, which as we all know, is the absolute need of the hour.

Did you know, one woman generates over 150 kilos of sanitary waste in her lifetime? The numbers are staggering. And this waste ends up in landfills and then takes about 500-800 years to decompose. Whereas with a cup, which is made up of medical grade silicone and causes zero reactions when inserted, there is no waste generated at all! You just dump the blood out into the toilet, wash it and insert it again. This can be done for 10 years! You end up saving money, saving the environment and ultimately, saving yourself too.

Another fact: Disposable pads contain chemicals which can potentially be carcinogenic. Plastic and chemicals, why would you want to put those terrible things near your coochie? And well tampons…they’re basically wads of cotton washed and treated with bleach and pesticides. Again, NOPE.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to sound preachy. I am not trying to tell you that I know better. All I want to do is let you know about an alternative which changed my life, and can change yours too.

Menstrual cups FTW!

In case you want to get one, they are available on Amazon India. Some good brands are SheCup, DivaCup and SilkyCup. In case you have any doubts, feel free to HMU and we can talk all things period!

Stay safe, lovelies!