Anushka Sharma Is Opening An Animal Shelter, And We Love Her EVEN More Now

All of us want to make the world a better place, don’t we? Or at least we wanted to, before life and adulting, and trying to forge a career happened. Before the world reminded us that there are a million things to be done before we make it ‘better’. Maybe we found a few idols along the way, people who with their expertly managed PR, made us want to believe in humanity again. But what about the rich and the famous whose work goes beyond their PR? Beyond those perfect photo-shoots of them helping the less fortunate? People whose actions really do speak louder than their words? Well, those people make us actually believe in humanity again.

So here’s the thing: Anushka Sharma just revealed herself to be among the latter. People who’ve made their way to the top, and have now decided that it’s time to give back. A celebrity who is actually doing something instead of simply sitting and giving heartfelt interviews. As if giving us #RelationshipGoals photos of her fairytale wedding with Virat Kohli weren’t enough, she also announced on social media that she’s opening an animal shelter outside of Mumbai on her 30th birthday:

“I’m building an animal shelter just outside Mumbai – a home for those animals that are stranded, left to fend for themselves and have to brave harsh surroundings. A home where they will be cared for, loved, protected and nurtured. This has been my calling for years now and my dream is finally coming true. I will seek your time, support and advice to make this home a place that looks after fellow living beings with utmost care and compassion – all in due course of time.”

Guess who chilled with me on my day off

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Her love for animals is BEYOND awwww-worthy, and its something that comes across in her entire statement:

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Honestly guys, after brilliant movies like NH10 and Band Baaja Baraat, I didn’t think it was possible for me to love her any more. She just proved me wrong. And she proved that maybe, just maybe, 30 isn’t a bad age to turn. At all. Here’s another imPAWsibly adorable photo of her with her dog, just to light up your mid-week blues.