15 Beautiful Poems on Self-Love That Will Help Heal Your Soul Today

Oh, the highs and the deep, deep lows of life! There’s beauty in them all, but it’s so much harder for our eyes to see the beauty in our pain than in our ringing laughter. But poets, now, they see beauty in the unlikeliest of places, don’t they?

Which is why I cherish the poetry of Jinan Safko, an Instagram poet who writes with the intent of letting her words bring her up from the dark places that life puts her in…with the power of self-love.There’s truly something to be cherished here for all of us, because who hasn’t found themselves at the very rock bottom and struggled to love who they see in the mirror afterwards?

I don’t want to choose pieces of me I get to love.

We give ourselves our second chances.

On our own rebirths.

I learn to love who I am…bit by bit.

Why look for approval anywhere else?

incantations to love who you are.

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How your flaws can be your greatest defence.

title: thorns poem: @jinansafko artist: @miaohki

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Let the pain gently sweep over you.


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To the things about love me must learn ourselves.

And I will bloom once more…

the healing

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Remember this on the darkest of days.

the night flower

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Listen…listen well.

Hold your head high…


Make way for new adventures…

growing. Make way for all the new things you are learning about yourself.

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…and remember all the wars you’ve won before.


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