25 Things About Avengers: Infinity War I REALLY Wanna Talk About (So, Let’s!)

10 years of cinema and world-building, 10 years! And it has led to this, the worldwide mega event that is this movie – Avengers: Infinity War. As someone who’s never missed a single MCU release (and kinda feels old just thinking about it) this was the movie I so desperately wanted to work. And thank Odin, IT DID!

There are a whole host of things I wanna talk about and I can barely control my fingers as I type this, but I’m gonna keep it short and sweet. Here are the 25 most important things I want to talk about Avengers: Infinity War!

(There are teeny bits of spoiler here, so tread gently.)

So umm. They saved all the Asgardians in Ragnarok (yay)…only to have them massacred in this one? DAMN, THAT’S BRUTAL!

Also, Loki dies. For real. So you know this movie doesn’t give a damn about who you are. That’s one way to set the tone of the movie, I guess.

Guys, we’re dealing someone who can trash The Hulk around like a dhobi. Yeah. Let that sink in for a moment.

Thanos beating up Hulk (the guy who’s supposed to be the convenient backup plan) in the very beginning goes a long way in establishing just how strong of a character Thanos is. Also, it freaks the hell out of the rest of us!

Doctor Strange and Wong need to have their own spin-off sit-com, but that’s for another time.

Just a thought. They’re great together.

Watching our favourite superheroes chat up with each other never gets old.

And aren’t the character conversations in this movie the absolute best? Especially when a spooked-out Bruce banner comes up to hug Tony.

Especially the ones meeting each other for the first time. Classic.

OF COURSE, super geniuses Tony Stark and Doctor Strange do NOT like each other. And of course, Star-Lord gets major inferiority issues as soon as he sets eyes on Thor, an actual (gorgeous) God.

The stakes are high, the tone is dark. Which means some jokes, kinda miss the mark.

Yes, Marvel does have a problem here. And it’s sometimes jarring AF when the tone suddenly shifts from dark to ‘hehe, hilarious’.

But the little quips that are Marvel’s signature style also work in places!

Especially when the audience can use a break from all the…uh, genocide.

There’s no place for good things in this one.

The Wanda-Vision romance, the light-hearted moments between Tony and Peter Parker, the hilariousness of the Guardians. They are all lovely..,and they will all be going to sh** real soon. THAT’s what this movie is about.

Thanos thinks he is the good guy, and honestly, that makes him one hell of a bad guy!

He is an actual person and everything! And in his own ways, he is almost…selfless. He keeps the interests of the universe above all else, and doesn’t kill anyone he doesn’t have to.

And if you’ve ever spent any time in a crowded bus, you’d have a little dark moment where this psychopath will seem to make sense.

The moment when you realise you kind of…understand…no, empathise…ugh. I don’t know man, the dude makes sense in a twisted way.

Can we just take a moment to discuss how awesome Thanos’ powers are? Like, wow!

I know he’s the ‘bad guy’, but he’s turning people into little cubes and ribbons. This man doesn’t kill anyone he doesn’t have to, and has fun when he can. What kind of psychopath is this?

Also, the dude has feelings. Wow

Yes, that’s right. Marvel responds (and delivers) to the criticism of its villains never having a personality. Well, there you go.

Basically, make no mistake: this movie belongs largely to Thanos (AKA Purple Shrek) .

Who’s the one character in this entire movie you know next to nothing about? That’s right, Thanos! So this movie serves as an excellent introduction and character development for our main baddie too!

Every single one of the superheroes we’ve come to love for 10 years gets his or her time in the spotlight.

And in their own special way, they all belong in this larger-than-life mosaic of superpowers!

And look at that! We’ve got super-new, super-cool upgrades to love too!

The metallic spider legs that come out of Perter’s Iron Spider suit. Tony’s Bleeding Edge Armour. And of course, the badass, super cool Stormbreaker axe forged for Thor by him literally standing in front of a sun.

With this movie, the series has now also proved to be a 10-year long character arc for the guy everyone loves to love: Tony Stark.

Tony’s character has seen so many ups and downs throughout this franchise and has developed into a mature, thoughtful, responsible mentor in front of our eyes. Honestly, I could love MCU for this reason alone.

Thor has single-handedly gone from being the lame guy in the group no one cares about to well…this.

Credit goes to Thor: Ragnarok, the direction Taika Waititi decided to take the franchise in, and the character development they’ve worked on since then. He’s basically the seeti-maar hero who knows just how to make an entry.I’M A FAN!

I absolutely LOVED the fact that Doctor Strange has already seen all of this chaos play out in alternate universes.

And his sacrifice at the end makes this even more significant. Not only does this plot point go on to show his cool-as-hell powers, but it also is a clever way to bring the two parts of this saga together.

The theme of ‘sacrifice’ played on throughout this movie is brilliant.

And the best thing is, that it’s not just the good guys making the sacrifices. We get a peek into what the other side is willing to lose to prove how serious they are about this too!

If you’ve never cried, watch the characters you’ve come to love over the years disintegrate into ash for funzies.

DID THAT JUST F***IN HAPPEN? You bet it did!

Also, this movie is full of feels. So don’t go in expecting a big, CGI fight-fest.

Like, there are legit *sob sob* moments throughout, and you’ll wonder why you’re doing this to yourself, or if this is what you had signed up for.

That last scene with Thanos sitting by the sunset having achieved his goal is nothing short of brilliant.

Usually, it’s the heroes who are given the opportunity to gloat in their victories. But then, this isn’t that movie. Nope.

The truth is, this movie isn’t really for “casual fans”.

The barometer for how much you’ll enjoy this movie depends heavily on how many of the MCU movies you have watched. And with this one, the makers make it clear that it isn’t a movie to be enjoyed in isolation. The movie is and out-and-out reward for those who have stayed on the journey for the past 10 years (or 10 days, if you marathoned your way through them all).

The post-credits scene – let me tell you what it means.

To the folks who sat around after everyone started leaving the theatres, wondering if you were gonna get bamboozled, good job. Because you got a good look at what’s about to come. She goes by the name “Captain Marvel” and boy, she’s-a-coming.

So apparently, they won’t tell us what the next Avengers movie is called because THERE’S A SPOILER IN THE TITLE! WHAT?

Oh god, no. Is it called Avengers: They All Dead? Don’t leave us hanging, guys!