15 Things You Know Too Well If You’re A Quiet Person With A LOT To Say

When I first switched jobs, I was told by a bunch of well-meaning people to talk more. To voice my opinions a bit more. To be more critical of the world around me without simply accepting it. Little did they know that I was plenty critical of the world around me and that I did have a lot to say,

I simply chose not to say it. It took a while for them to understand the way I worked, to understand that my lack of vocalization didn’t go hand-in-hand with the tornado of thoughts I had. And if you’re anything like me, well, let this remind you that you aren’t alone, and that all of us will get together and start a (very quiet) revolution.

You’ve learned, through years of observing, that there’s a time to say certain things. Tact is your middle name.

Silence is golden. And often, there’s power in what is left unsaid.

Just because you’re shy, doesn’t mean you’re a loner. You just value discussions over gossip.

People assume that just because you don’t say much, you have nothing to say.

Your friends know that when you say something, it won’t be just to fill in the gaps in conversations. And they value that.

You take time to reflect on your thoughts, understanding every side before you form opinions.

But there are also times you say the first thing that comes to your mind (this usually ONLY happens around your closest friends).

People often tell you to “speak up”, not knowing that you’re capable of doing that when required.

You’re sometimes impressed at your own opinions and thoughts, because they’re just THAT good.

You sometimes have to work extra hard to be heard, but you believe in yourself enough to quietly put in the work.

You don’t quite understand the “loud” people who yell out their every thought and hijack conversations.

You’re more sensitive with your opinions than others. You consider deeply how what you say will affect people.

While you may not say much, you channel your thoughts in different ways like writing, art or reading.

There are people who think your silence and shyness is an issue, but you know it isn’t. It’s what makes you, you.

You’re actually quietly proud of the person you are – of your ability to listen, to be heard, to learn without blabbering.