Ma Always Knows Everything (And Other Truths Of Growing Up)

I remember my mom trying to teach me life lessons, every chance she got, when I was younger. And I remember my stupid, silly little self going “Ma, I know how to do that, yaar.” I laugh at those memories now. Then I weep. Because as it turns out, Ma, I had no idea how to do anything, yaar.

Growing up is a funny thing. We spend years waiting, longing to be independent. Then the hard part shows up, and lo and behold! The grand rebels of yesterday realise they should’ve probably listened to their mothers a little better.

Because mothers, as Nikhat and Ray find out on Adulting, truly do know everything. They know just the right things to say and they lovingly see right through our little lies. And when Nikhat’s mom comes to visit, the girls realise that moms have a “chill” side to them too!

Watch the trio have the time of their lives on Episode 2 of Adulting here:

Dice Media | Adulting | Web Series | S01E02 – Mommy Knows Best

From the makers of Little Things and What The Folks (WTF!) comes “Adulting”, a coming of age story about two young women trying to handle the responsibilitie…