25 Reasons K3G Will Always Be THE Holy Grail Of All Things Bollywood

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham or K3G as we adoringly call it, was not just any other movie. It was a phenomenon. A cult. A true masterpiece. KJo truly outdid himself with the themes that engulfed the film – there was adoption, forbidden love, Chandni- Chowk, miraculous weight-loss, reunion and through it all, lots and lots of Poo. In short, this movie was a true Indian saga! K3G references have become a way of life for many of us now and here are just a few reasons why!

The Raichand Mansion = WHAT.A.WOW.

THAT run. THAT build up. THE all-knowing Maa. SO MANY FEELS.

The impromptu Bhangra! With, of course, the staged spontaneity of the uniformly dressed background dancers.

When Ashfaq Miya was “bade mazaki ho!”.

When Anjali breaks not one, but TWO ‘gamlas’ at the Raichand Mansion.

That absolutely mind-boggling, miraculous weight loss. Spill them secrets, Laddoo!

The iconic Poo wake-up routine.

In THAT gorg room.

P.H.A.T. indeed.

Ladoo’s KILLER official entry to college. I mean, WHO. ARE. YOU?

How Poo made SURE it was, in fact, “raining men.”

Poo’s very practical selection-criteria for prom.

The “Chandu ke chacha” tongue twister test! Who’s Chandu? Laddu… WHO’S LADDU?! *gasp*

When NO ONE could recognize Rohan AKA Laddu! Except Dai Jaan, of course.

Prom – Bollywood style! Bring it on, leather pants!

There’s only one way to do Karwa Chauth. The Bole Chudiyan way!

Note to audience – Maa sab jaanti hai! SAB KUCH.

The entire Mrs. Spritely-tea-and-cookies dialouge. You know you want to say it out loud. Anyway, chalo chaddo.

The surprise Jana Gana Man performance instead of Do Re Mi by Krish!

Hamara beta. HAMARA DESI BETA!!!!

Reunion Number 1 – This was Laddoo ALL ALONG!!! On the SAME bench they had last said goodbye. GOSH.

Reunion Number 2 – Maa wala! Emotions. SO MANY EMOTIONS.

Sneaky sanskaari reunion! Watch and learn, world.

Fireworks galore! Just hug it out already. Keh diya na, bas, keh diya.

And finally, OF COURSE a HAPPY ending. You know that’s the way we like it, KJo.