23 Beautifully Simple Tattoos For Every Music Lover Out There

Nietzsche got it right when he said, ‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’

My feelings, precisely. There is undeniable power in music to make you feel like you belong. You maybe a weirdo for the world, but there’s that one song, that one artist that totally, completely, GETS you. You don’t need to mind your manners or your thoughts while listening to your favorite playlist. Music gives without asking for anything in return. And as far as I know, a lot us are in love with it. If you’re someone who shares an undying passion for music, you should probably get one of these 23 tattoos.

1. Just a simple note and you’ve said all of the things words couldn’t have.

2. Cheers to shared sentiments!

3. How frigging gorgeous is the placement of these minimal babies?

4. And what a smart way to tell the world that you anchor yourself in melody!

5. I am in LOUVEEE with the daintiness of this one.

6. Music + colours = A bright, happy life.


8. For every soul who beats to the rhythm of this world.

9. Who misses mix tapes? The ACTUAL ones? *Me!*

10. And then there is… One Love.

11. Let’s take a moment and appreciate the beauty of this bass tattoo, folks.

One thing about music – when it hits, you feel no pain || by Vincent Metzger

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12. Intense much, music wow.

13. I like it so I put a note on it!

14. My absolute favourite so far!

“Let the music play” First one for Antonio, thank you! –

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15. Pianos and placement = Wallah!


17. Musical baes are the best kind of baes.

18. YAS, RiRi!

19. *Weeps at the simplicity and marvel of this wonder.*

20. Just a casual sound graph that has you skip a beat in gratitude.

21. Who’s getting this one with me?

you never forget your first love

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22. Any gramophone lovers in the house?

23. Ending this beautiful collection on a totally mushy, musical note.