21 Hilarious Memes That Will Turn Your Week-Day Mood Around, I Promise!

I totally get the sinking feeling as a fresh Monday approaches. But what truly kills me is the onslaught of the mid-week blues when Wednesday hits you. To be honest, by then there’s really no inspiration to be found in the world around me. I simply want to sprint my way to Friday and let it push the existing week out of memory.

But, this is where I’d like to pause and interject the importance of memes that simply take you mind of the mundane dreariness. Somebody did say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, and for us millennials, it’s more like Jesus having come to save those in need. So, sit back and let the work-day mood be on hold while you LOL your heart out with these 21 meme-friends.

All those bikini-hot-swim-trunk dreams…

Where’s the fun in being an adult, maa?

Hello, reality check.

Sigh, why can’t we just say the truth and not lose our jobs?

Hobbit or not, this is how I eat.

Me to my future employee: Can you for one second, just think about what you are saying?

In other news, life is pretty thrilled to have you around.

Blooper or not Zuckerberg DID make me feel good on the bad days.

When you’ve been eyeing that last potato chip since a while but life has other plans.

Well, it’s not really a waste if I am happy with the way I spend my time, right?

Why can’t you just let me be happy, for one minute?!

Super-introvert problems.

On my way to getting those 879503569 abs!

This is basically all of us Indians right now.

I try, okay? I really do! Every. Single. Time.

When you have friends/partners like this one, who needs enemies?

I am just glad that I am *done* with school.

Hello, bhaiyya? Haan mera ek package aane wala tha…

Awkward x 10000000000.

I never thought I’d say this but thank God for extroverts!

Can you not rub the whole ‘weekend is here’ to my face?!