13 Beautifully Weird Videos That Are Basically Memes

Have you ever gone through your social media feed and just felt…tired? Like you’re seeing the same things, the same news, the same…everything? Because honestly, it’s something that happens to me almost everyday. It’s something I’ve also kinda accepted in order to feed my need for social media and the things on it. And then I came across Nick denBoer’s work as part of the Uncover project, and well, it was something that took me a while to make sense of. Don’t get me wrong, it was pop culture…but different. So different.

See, Nick is a remix artist.

“I have carved out a career as a remix artist, so people usually pay me to alter some existing footage. Usually I look at the footage I am given and try to find a way to make it funny, surreal and absurd.”

And really, he doesn’t stop there. He’s accumulated 3D models, stock photos, and sound effects, and he makes EVERYTHING work. Honestly guys, Nick as an artist is as wonderfully weird as it gets. And as modern, because really, every one of his videos is strangely relatable to all of us.

“You are what you eat” – and that’s why I’m not vegetarian!

Feeling at one with nature #cinema4d #octane #forester

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This video calms me down and yet makes me a little afraid of “exploring nature.”

When it’s winter but you still want to get your party on.

Wiener man #acdc #viennasausages #cinema4d #octane #mixamo

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“I have been having fun learning 3D animation using Cinema 4D and Octane render. That is what most of my Instagram stuff is lately. Just pieces I make while learning the software and having fun.” – Nick denBoer

When your skin is PERFECT, but then gets pimples just before a party.

It’s getting worse. #wienerface #c4d r18 #octane #acdc

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Honestly, this just makes me feel better about how committed my pimples are to me.

This is NOT what your doctor means when he talks about your heartbeat.

Heart attack

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Send this to bae!

This is better than the real thing, TBH.

#trump #soulpatch

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“Sometimes making pop culture remix is cathartic — watching all this bad news on TV makes me want to hit back and poke fun at the absurdity of reality and I think maybe some of my audience feels the same catharsis when I make fun of something that strikes a nerve.” – Nick denBoer

GUYS, WHAT IS THIS!?! *laughs till she cries*


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Am I the only one who thinks an Oompa Loompa would make a better president?

Oh no, someone found real footage of me and my friends after we’ve had one drink.

Party time in my garage. Having some fun w Adobe Fuse, Mixamo & #cinema4d

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“I have always been a bit of a remix artist. Even back in high school, when I was a teenager, I stole a big box of graduation photos of my classmates and cut them up to turn them into funny caricatures.” – Nick denBoer

That explains SO much!

And…someone found real footage of me “never giving up”

Try, try till you finally stop hitting yourself with a hammer…I suppose?

When a dog twerks better than you!

Getting hot up in here. #doggystyle #cinema4d

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“I usually describe my work as video remix or VFX comedy, but the work I am most proud of involves a true multimedia mix combining VFX, 3D & 2D animation, comedy, video remix, audio remix, music, and sound design.
I think my strong suit as an artist is the ability to not only do all of these things, but to combine them all into one project with a unifying style.” – Nick denBoer

When you take dancing classes but the dog STILL twerks better than you.

Which, really, isn’t saying much.

PS. Can we take a moment to appreciate how amazingly, hilariously weird this video is?

When you spend all your money on video games and realise that you have no food now.

How many teraflops can u vram in your cuda core? #nvidia #cinema4d #octanerender

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I don’t really relate to this but I know people who do.

Honestly guys, I can’t stop watching this. Or listening to it. It’s like an extremely catchy series of memes.

“I worked as a bit creator / writer on the American late night show Conan, where every day I would record pop culture current events from the television or pull clips from the net and alter them to make comedy bits for the show.”

Honestly, this made me want to watch the show again.

For all you fans of The Shining – rejoice!

This. This is my favourite piece of Nick’s work, which is saying something because ALL of his work is amazing. This parody of “The Shining”, called “The Chickening”. It made it to both the Sundance and the Toronto Film Festival, apart from well…60 other film festivals. Enjoy!

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