This New Web Series About Girls Trying To “Adult” Is Honestly The Best. Thing. EVER.

Raise your hand if you’re newly-independent and living the adult life but have NO IDEA what’s happening. Yeppp, you’re not alone, my friend. This one-way ticket from teenage to ‘Adulting’ has all of us equally confused. With all that freedom and the opportunity to do whatever-the-hell you want, also come

Yep, those horrible things. With the freedom comes the need to stay socially relevant, look great (because DUH), chase your dreams…and pay rent. Dice Media’s new web series is exactly about those woes. Introducing Aisha Ahmed as ‘Nikhat’ and Yashaswini Dayama as ‘Ray’, this new trailer looks like, well, all of us.

Don’t know about you, but I CAN’T wait for 18th April! (Psst.. that’s day after tomorrow if you were wondering)

Dice Media | Adulting | Web Series | Official Trailer | Ep 1. Releasing on 18th April, 2018