13 Easy Minimalistic Decor Ideas For Those Who Believe That Less Is More

So, I love the idea of minimalism. An idea where less is more and not going out of your way to make a statement, is a statement in itself. As it is, when it comes to home decor, it isn’t always easy for us working millennials to have the time or…well…money to go all the way with our interiors. But that doesn’t mean we have to settle for less-than-pretty rooms, right?

Hence, minimalism!

A monochromatic colour scheme is an easy- peasy way to make your room look naturally stylish.

Or, just have your sheets and pillows match the walls of your room!

For a boho-minimalistic look, simply put up an old rug or bedsheet against a white wall.

Also, a simple white hammock is an easy-to-do, perfect millennial addition!

Ditch those big, chunky photo frames and simply hang your favourite memories on the wall.

And the best part? This will never look cluttered.

Tiny, quirky wall-hangings can add character to your room without making it look tacky.

Because who said you can’t have fun with minimalism?

Add different kinds of lighting to your room to make it look warmer .

Space the lights out well, and you’ll have a classy, minimalistic, millennial dream. Also, a mirror can make your room look bigger!

When you’re not using different types of lighting, simply use bigger string lights on a single wall.

This will give your room the understated, classy look with a touch of youthfulness. And not to mention, enough lighting!

Love plants? Get your own minimalistic, indoor garden!

Pick the least cluttered room in your house and adorn it with hanging plants.

Strategically place colourful showpieces in an otherwise monochromatic room.

This wonderful decor idea will make your living room a place no one will ever want to leave!

A simple wallpaper with your favourite paragraph can work wonders!

Just make sure that nothing else in the room takes away from the wall!

Place your favourite artwork right in front of a simplistic work desk.

It will help keep you focused and inspired, all at the same time!

Simply switching to soft, neutral colours can give your room a boho-chic look.

I mean, just look at that!

Light colours, strategically placed plants, and well-spaced lights make for the perfect minimalistic bathroom.

An open wardrobe for yourself is a stylish, money-saving way to keep clothes.

All you need is a rod, and some hangers, Welcome to minimalist storage!