14 Underrated Indian TV Shows That Should’ve Gotten More Love

So I read somewhere the other day that Sasuraal Simar Ka is going off air, and like any other sensible person, my first thought was, “uh, wait, that sh*t is still on-air?”. Of course, it is. Because maybe this is what television audience today deserves for turning away brilliant shows that do make an appearance, but are either not watched enough or rejected into obscurity.

Good shows can’t live on good-will alone. They need good numbers too. So in interest of public sanity, here are 17 underrated Indian television shows that have either come and been sent away, or are still on air for you to hurry up and catch up with!



Maybe the reason we don’t have great television content anymore is because great shows like these don’t get the attention they deserve. Well-directed, great performances, a gripping story – and yet, it had to shut shop after just one season.

P.O.W – Bandi Yuddh Ke

This one had all the makings of a runaway hit, but alas, it flew right under the radar. The most brilliant roster of actors including Sandhya Mridul and Purab Kohli, made sure this show was as superbly intense as they come.

Bring On The Night

Before there was “Pitchers”, there was this show. Funny, real dialogues and a truly character-driven series, this one revolved around an urban guy who sets out with the dream of creating his own nigh club industry, because he believes that that’s where the future’s at. In his words, “I don’t throw parties, I design them.”

Mahi Way

If Mahi Way had come out today as a web series, I’m willing to bet my money that it would’ve been a classic, runaway hit. Alas, it came out 9 years ago, way way ahead of its time. Woke, empowering and did I mention, hilarious AF!


What if I told you that an Indian TV show was actually nominated for an Emmy? Yup, this one!

Siddhant, a gripping court room drama with the talented Pawan Shankar as the protagonist was a show that deserved to be both loved and appreciated in the early 2000s. How long did it end up running for? A year.


Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan

Hear, hear, all ye foodies! If you love Masterchef, or just food in general and wish India would do something awesome in food television too, well here you go. A wonderful combination of food, culture and history from all over India, this show is a real treat!

It’s also on Netflix!

​Best of Luck Nikki

While this adorable show has its own little devoted following, most viewers probably dismiss it as just a kid’s show. And they aren’t wrong in calling it a kid’s show, but it’s also so much more than that!

A true sit-com in its own right, Best of Luck Nikki takes you right back to the good ol’ 90s when shows were made to be cherished and enjoyed – age no bar.

Ek Packet Umeed

A bunch of female characters – abandoned, frustrated or trampled on by the society – came together in this adorable TV show to form their own little family. The title refers to the little packets of homemade food they sell together as they take their firm steps towards independence and empowerment.

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

I’ve always felt like Rabindranath Tagore’s stories were far more progressive then than our society is even today. Fortunately, we have Anurag Basu to thank for this spectacular television anthology based on Tagore’s stories that make for a poignant, and visually striking treat!

It’s also on Netflix, so watch, please.

Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi

I remember this one quite fondly, and wish more people did. A single mother and her three empowered daughters with their distinct personalities and their own lives to lead. What I wouldn’t give to have a show like this on TV again!


I love a good historic show. But Indian television is either not a fan of the genre or tends to ruin it altogether. But this show, with its brilliant performances, subtle emotions and fast-paced storytelling is exactly what we need for a show about conflicts, power and politics during the Mughal reign.


Not your usual matchmakers, these two. Funny without being over-the-top, honest in its conversations and with a brilliant pair that its small number of fans used to ship, this show ended WAY too soon.

Star Bestsellers

You will randomly find me going on and on about this gem of a show to anyone who will listen. An anthology of stories directed by some of the greatest names in the industry, television today desperately needs a show like this!

Love Story

I remember there being a little group of girls in school who used to obsess over this one. But truth be told, this TV show by Anurag Basu deserved a much larger, wider audience. It also had some good original music to go along.