15 People In Long Distance Relationships Tell Us What Makes It Worth It

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder”, I grew up hearing. But then, I also grew up hearing epic love-stories of relationships that survived thousands of miles and the hardships they endured. Though I’ve never been in one myself, I’ve always admired couples who stuck by each other through the toughest of times – who loved each other even after months of being unable to hold each other. And honestly? Their stories made me ‘awwwww’ till I ran out of breath.

Cyrus, 28

“The knowledge that I’d rather be far away from her than close to someone else. We aren’t really sure when the distance will end – it’s been 2 years. She’s in London, I’m in Bombay. But with some people, you just know that you’ll always be in love with them. That their love is the best thing that’s ever happened to you. That you’ve found something rare: you’ve found your soulmate. And that – that’s stronger than any distance.”

Sanika, 24

“It’s one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. But then I see him, after months and it’s like my worries melt away. His smile, even through shitty internet connection and Skype calls that keep freezing, still warms me – and we’ve been together for 4 years (in a long distance relationship for a year). I suppose the fact that even through the distance, I feel close to him makes it all okay. Plus, he’s the only person who looks breathtakingly handsome even when the Skype call freezes.”

Aakash, 26

“I’m a major introvert, and Divya’s one of the few people I can really, truly talk to. Most of our relationship has been long distance, and through it all, she’s kept me anchored even if it’s only through the phone. She’s made me feel less alone and understood even when she’s in a different country. Yes, I wish I could wake up next to her everyday, but never once in 11 years have I felt truly unhappy about us. She’s my version of happiness – distance or not.”

Bharat, 23

“The best part in our long distance relationship is that we’ve become the best of meme friends. We often talk only in memes, by tagging each other in posts that remind us of each other. Whenever I miss her, I’ll find the dankest and most fucked up meme and tag her publicly. This would not have been half as fun if we were physically close by. It’s our personal way of expressing love in the age of social media.”

Alyssa, 33

“It’s simple, really. It’s a relationship, a love that makes me better. And everyone goes on about how long distance sucks (don’t get me wrong, it does), but it’s also taught me so much – about me and about her. It’s taught me so much about us. That we can survive whatever’s thrown at us, that even when our relationship is hanging by a thread, we’ve never wanted to break-up. Yes, I’d rather have her here, but honestly – I also wouldn’t change a thing.”

Akanksha, 25

“Honestly, the only way to know if the long-distance is worth it, is to actually make it through. Everything in between is just a huge leap of faith. Every single day you choose to be together is a decision you make because you feel that what you have is something worth holding on to.”

Madhav, 29

“I think it’s the fact that she’s made me comfortable with myself. I suppose that’s because though I am *technically* without a love in the city, I’ve never once felt lonely with her. That’s what makes this entire pain worth it; she’s brought me home to myself. See, I have anxiety – I worry about everything around me. But through the thousands of miles, through the missed phone calls and fights, our relationship is the one thing I don’t have anxiety about.”

Zohran, 27

“Honestly? Every 3 months when we see each other, the butterflies, the way her face lights up, the running into each other’s arms – that’s what makes it worth it.”

Niharika, 25

“I’ll be honest with you – distance has nearly broken us up. Multiple times. But then he sends me a good morning text, even though I know it’s 4:30AM there and he had to set the alarm just to send me that text, and I remember that there really isn’t anything we won’t do to make each other happy. It’s the little things that ultimately make-up for the long flights and longer nights.”

Abhijit, 31

“My dad told me: “Hold on to someone who makes you laugh.” And that’s integral to our relationship – our ability to make each other smile, no matter what. Distance hasn’t changed that. Even when she’s sleepy and cranky, she’ll still crack a super lame joke that’ll crack me up. We’ll be together, every day soon. Until then, I’ll settle for being in love with someone who makes me laugh.”

Dipen, 27

“Distance is just physical in today’s world. But I have her with me all the time – from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I fall asleep. We call, video call, Whatsapp and send each other food – anything we can do to keep in touch. She makes every day brighter, supports me in tough times, and cheers me up. That kind of support, even if it just exists only virtually, makes life so much better and easier. Plus, when we do meet, it is the most liberating, joyous and fun experience EVER.”

Anaya, 23

“I’ve been away from my boyfriend for a year. And it’s been both the toughest and best year of my life. I spend days missing him terribly, but then I remember that the only reason I miss him is because I love him. As strange as this sounds, for me the missing and the hardships is what makes the distance worth it.”

Rajat, 25

“You don’t get to meet each other but get to value each other a lot more. You don’t get to talk everyday but you get to feel the love even more strongly. You realize that relationships need not just closeness but constant communication too. You get more comfortable with trivial insecurities and take your relationship to the next level. You realize that regular fighting isn’t as bad as not fighting at all. Long distance teaches you that there are no short cuts to a successful relationship.”

Sahil, 28

“Long distance is definitely difficult. But love is supposed to be difficult. I see couples who stay minutes from each other fight about not spending enough time together. And I’ve realised that love is supposed to be tough. You’re supposed to fight for it. And even with the distance, I feel so lucky to be with her. And I’m fighting for the chance to feel lucky, everyday.

Mustafa, 23

“The idea of us breaking up hurts a lot more than the distance. It’s as simple, and as complicated as that.”