Friends – The Family I’ll Always Choose Over Romance

There is little in this world that friendship didn’t give me. My friends stood by me when the world refused to, sometimes even when my family didn’t know how. They understood my bits and showed me the way. Romantic love can’t come close to what friendships offer.

It isn’t an exchange; you give your heart expecting nothing. What’s more beautiful than that? Here’s to friends who kept their spine and stood by me when no one else did. You’re the family I choose, chose and will forever keep. We aren’t bonded by some kind of weird obligation, you’re completely and solely here for happiness. And I make you happy just like you make me happy. There is little my heart says when I think about you other than “thank you, thank you so much”. You fill my spirits with gratitude, you make me want to be kind. You make me aware of the world and you push me to become a part of it. Lovers want you for themselves, but you wanted the world to see my spark. For that, I am in debt.


For the laughter that comes out of your throat, unafraid of being judged, misunderstood, looked down upon. For the free expression of opinion, for being able to openly cry about anything and everything that hurt me or made me sad. For the knowledge that there is someone in the world who truly loves you because they want to – that’s an exceptional feeling.

Everything that ever hurt me, every time someone left, someone lied, friendships stood by me like a wall I could always lean on when I got tired. My father always said, “Hiba, only strong people can be friends. Friendship cannot be half-assed, it can’t be selfish to even the smallest degree. And that’s why, it’ll always be more beautiful than any other relationship in the world.” Let’s take a minute to agree. Call up your friends, tell them what they mean, write them a note. They deserve it.