10 Small Ways To Feel Like A Rebel When You’re Kinda Lazy AF

See, I am one lazy little potato. I can’t reach it, I don’t need it. It’s really that simple. But here’s why my life’s tough: You see, I actually consider myself a rebel (or so I’d like to believe I am). But things get tough when you know, you don’t want to move. I can’t be hanging out late at night because honestly, my bed is too nice.Then what do I do to satisfy the need to be a badass but ALSO be a potato? I’ve found some sneaky, pointless ways to feel like a full-blown rebel, and I don’t know, you might like it or whatever.

Buy a couch, exist only and solely on it. Thy butt shall never lift.

Extra-cook paneer so it turns hard and feels like chicken.

dont use correCt punCtuations;

Go to Starbucks and tell them you don’t have a name. Jo karna hai kar le.

Call your friends for a party – then don’t open the door.

Cut down on alcohol. Only brush your teeth with it.

Lather – Rinse – DON’T REPEAT.

Say Pink Floyd sound like restaurant music.

Take a Coke glass and fill it with Pepsi.

Eat mint with that drink ^. No, I’m just kidding, stfu and sit down.