10 Signs An Introvert Actually Likes You (And Is Kinda Hiding It)

*sigh* Introverts, amirite? It’s impossible to understand what goes on in that weird little head of theirs. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart!

They might want your affection, but they will rarely, if ever, be caught going out of their way to seek it. To tell you that they care, that they’re interested, and even that they really, really like you. (Yes, they’re basically cats.)

But don’t worry just yet. To help you out a little along the way, here are 10 signs that you might be right in thinking that an introvert is romantically interested in you.

You see them stepping out of their comfort zone to be around you (in a non-creepy way).

Introverts LOVE their safe zone, their little bubble of comfort. So if you find them stepping out of it to somehow always find their way to be around you, that’s a hell of a sign that they’re interested in you.

Romantically? Well, you’ll have to see…

You’ll find them randomly (awkwardly) joining your conversations…even if they aren’t contributing to it.

If an introvert likes you, they probably want to talk to you. But well, initiating conversations is an introvert’s worst nightmare.

So you’ll just find them joining in the conversations that you’re a part of, even if they don’t really have anything to add to it. They just like to get to know you on the basis of what you’re telling others about yourself. Sneaky, I know!

They can be really chatty sometimes, and on other times, will completely avoid you.

Introverts aren’t known to oscillate between the two – they’re either comfortable with you, or they’re not. If an introvert is acting this way, it’s probably because they have no idea how to be around you. They want to get to know you, but true to their introversion, they don’t want you to know that they want to get to know you.

Get it? Yeah, me neither.

If they’ve even meekly invited you into their personal space.

If there’s anyone who can get super uncomfortable about personal boundaries, it’s introverts. So an invitation from them to even sit next to them is a huge deal! Especially when you don’t see them asking other people for the same.

They’ve opened up to you…on their own

Have you ever seen an introvert walk up to someone and just lay out everything about their lives out in the open? You know why? Cause it never happens. Introverts hold personal stuff close to their heart, and so if they share things about their lives with you…you get the message.

But they just go silent when you both find yourselves in a larger group.

When it was just the two of you, they were pretty chatty. But as soon as the conversation spread out to other people, you find that your introvert has clammed up!

Well, apart from the fact that introverts don’t do well in group conversations, they fear that the way they talk to you might reveal to others how they feel about you. And that would be a big concern for an introvert. Hence, their ideal solution? To just shut the hell up!

They are so much more open and forthcoming (flirty, even) when they’re texting you.

That’s the thing with us introverts – texting is our best friend. With the awkwardness of face-to-face interaction gone, we feel free enough to let our true personalities show with the aid of text and emojis.

So if there’s ever going to be a place where you can gauge an introvert’s true feelings, it’ll probably be through their texts.

They go out of their way to show you their concern for you.

It’s human decency to be concerned when someone you know is sick or is in need of help. But introverts in particular can be fiercely loyal and in times of need, they will leave no stone unturned to let you know they care, even if they never have before.

They are regular in their communications with you.

Ask anyone, introverts are notorious for being hard to reach. So if you AREN’T having a hard time keeping in touch with an introvert, trust me, they must really like you.

They are eager to give you advice whenever you need it.

For the most part, introverts don’t meddle. In fact, a lot of times they don’t really bother. They sit and observe things and step in only when necessary. So if this introvert of yours is going out of their way to give you advice on trivial things, you can be pretty damn sure they care.