25 Cute Illustrations Of Badass Women Being Themselves, As They Are

Cecile Dormeau will have my eternal respect for the absolute raw, brutal and unabashed illustrations that she makes on womanhood. From addressing problems like the shame associated with period stains, to portraying real women to be in-charge of their own sexual well-being, her drawings will make you laugh and applaud.

If you’re a woman who’s sick and tired of being told what to do and how to behave, Cecile’s art will come as a stress-buster. These 25 illustrations talk about everything a woman does or is not afraid to show the world, despite its congenial rules and doctrines.

1. When you really love your nipples and don’t mind showing them some extra love, once in a while.

2. Let’s celebrate Women’s day with some added perspective, shall we?

3. One of those super-normal gynecologist visits.

4. So not worth it.

5. Yep, I’m not a virgin. So?

6. Age really is NOT a barrier when it comes to Beyoncé music.

7. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

8. Your multitasking skills include pooping and talking to your BFF at the same time.

9. Ah, the pains of singlehood.

10. Real women pee, poop, burp, fart and they’re not very delicate about it either.

11. You really don’t mind tasting your lipstick post a great make-out sesh.

12. And of course, you don’t really get the purpose of clothing.

13. Your encounters with love teach you some rad life lessons.

14. Well, you don’t have to 🙂

15. The birth of a pimple occurs on the very day when you’ve planned a special outing.

16. When your paunch gets asked this question more times than you can count.

17. All-in-all, you know you’re a queen.

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18. New you but the same old fuzzy, loving heart.

19. Legit DYING feels when you workout after a loooonggg time.

20. Those track pants you absolutely love tend to surprise you.

21. I love my boobs and I cannot/will not lie.

22. Sexy farts are a THING.

23. White pants problems.

24. My body is NOT what you think it should be. Amen.

25. The point of every love story ever. *gags*