17 Things Every Nature Lover Who Lives In A City Secretly Wishes For

Are you addicted to the way the trees gleam and shine just after the first rainfall of the season? Do you constantly wish you were around the sea, in a tiny hut of an abode, for the rest of your days? Do you love your city but do you love the mountains more? Do you secretly wish you could actually have the perfect combination of nature and technology to soothe your old soul?

Well if any of the above are the things you feel more often than not, you are certainly a nature lover living in a busy city who’s considering moving away from modern life. And these 17 things have probably run through your mind, at least once.

1. You really wish you could press a mute button to all the honking.

2. So that you could listen to the birds singing/chirping in the early morning hours.

3. You really MISS the mountain roads where there is no such thing called “traffic”.

4. Or even roads in quiet towns where people are PATIENT ENOUGH to let the car in front of them pass.

5. You really wish there’d be more flowers around versus bridges and sea-links.

6. You’d vote for a clear skyline so that watching the stars is POSSIBLE.

7. You wish there were more water bodies to tune off from modern life, every once in a while.

8. Or just clean roads lined with endless trees that the eyes can behold.

9. More than anything else, you really wish for the time to appreciate the beauty around you.

10. That includes the shafts of early-evening sunlight, the pleasant hours of the mornings and the quiet of the afternoons.

11. You secretly hope there comes a day when everyone wraps up work early to go enjoy a sunset.

12. You’d readily replace cars with bicycles and increase on-the-foot journeys to encourage quality time with yourself.

13. You really wish there were slots in the day when people could go out and appreciate the patterns of the clouds above.

14. You secretly wish for that clean, springy mountain air without all that “artificial waste” smell that taints the city.

15. You also wish for days when everybody is doing nothing but listening to the rustle of the leaves and basking in the cool shade of the trees.

16. You also wish the city planning included occasional waterfall stops, where people could picnic around and take lunch breaks.

17. Or even tiny rivulets passing by your house so that you could cherish the trickle of moving water.