16 Reasons Everyone Should Follow Nas Daily on Facebook

Once upon a time, Nuseir Yassin was just another Israeli kid settled in the Big Apple. He had successfully earned a degree in economics and computer science from Harvard University in 2014. As expected for every Harvard alumni, companies were more than happy to hire him and Nuseir accepted and worked as a software engineer and a freelance iOS Developer for a couple of years. But it wasn’t long before he realised that life was passing by, and he just wasn’t satisfied with the way his had turned out.

Oh yes, apparently Harvard alumni feel like the rest of us too.

In tune with every other millennial’s ideologies, he too, gave it all up to do something more meaningful in life. And thus, Nas as people know him today, was born.

Intrigued yet?

You should be. This guy has a mass following of over 2 million today. Go on, find out how.

He makes 1 minute videos for Facebook every day.

Oh, FYI, he quit a job that paid him $120K to do this.

He consciously shares his videos on Facebook first. In fact, he just got on Youtube.

He prefers Facebook so he knows exactly who is watching his videos and why. He genuinely considers his Facebook followers as his friends, and interacts with them every single time he travels.

He doesn’t only show you the good life.

You’ll see actual life through his videos and not just “the good life”. He shares imperfections and arguments just as regularly as he does the milestones.

He almost always wears a t-shirt that says “Completed: 33% Life”.

I made myself a 33% birthday present! This is my new wardrobe!

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He started off with 32% and changes his batch of tee’s every year to remind him that life is passing by and he’s only got one shot at this.

He created an app that helps people make 1 minute videos like him.

Because that’s what great businessmen do. Find a solution to their problem that is also a mas problem, and then provide this solution to the world.

Well done, NAS!

His app project was valued at $5 million and he put up his entire business pitch online.

That’s one way to make a pitch. Totally broke all the rules!

And his reasons for making this bigger are really cool!

If you love Humans of New York, you’ll love Nas Story too!

P.S – You’ve got to watch his video about a guy called Ben from San Francisco.

Oh, and he adores his lady.

I mean, just, awwww.

He’ll take you by surprise – every single day!

Notice the hair first. And then the caption.

Isn’t this such a clever idea! No matter who you are and what you do, you’ve still got to get a haircut, don’t you?

He shows you what passion looks like, time and again.

It’s amazing how extraordinarily ordinary he is.

While talking about humanity, every chance he gets.

He’ll use his platform to raise awareness about everything that truly matters and helps his viewers stay woke and humble.

His words will go straight to your heart.

Speechless, aren’t you?

No, seriously. STRAIGHT to your heart.

And all that remained was the faint sound of deep, life proving breaths.

And he’ll actually make you travel instead of just dreaming of being like him.

Appreciate every little detail of this planet.

All, while making you feel like you’ve got a friend for life!

Someone you can relate to forever.

And to top it all off, this dude is just pure love.

Just try and tell me that you disagree!

Follow him here!