18 Beautiful Little Things You’ll Experience In A Long Term Relationship

Many of us think of our ‘forever love story’ as be a string of sweet and sweeter moments. However artist Crislane Passos thinks a tiny bit differently. For her, her characters Max and Julia represent the constants of romance, through the good times AND the bad that every relationship goes through. Any long term relationship has as its foundation friendship, trust and, most importantly, a childlike comfort that both the partners share with each other.

These 18 illustrations of everyday love are something that mark a beautiful and successful long term relationship. I promise, these will melt your heart like a bar of molten chocolate.

1. When he knows each and every one of your emotions, through and through.

2. When he STILL doesn’t remember the kind of sanitary napkins you use (click right on the post to see what follows).

3. He knows how to surprise you in the best of ways (click right on the post to see what follows)

4. And your Valentine’s Day pretty much looks like this, over the years.

5. Of course, she doodles on your face when you are asleep. And of course, she wants a picture to capture the moment.

6. When he holds your bag for you and is quick to pounce on any judgemental onlookers (click right on the post for the English translation)

7. When he knows EXACTLY how angry you can get and starts counting his breaths, just to be sure.

8. When she becomes the bigger spoon just to cuddle you on the the super bad days.

9. When you use his own macho-ness on him. (Ha!)

10. When he starts to describe you, purrrfectly (click right on the post to see more).

11. When he’s over-confident about his memory, but you know what’s coming.

12. When falling asleep in his arms is better than staying up for the movie ending (and he knows it). (Click right on the post for the English translation)

13. However bad your day has been, when you come home to him, it all just somehow becomes better. :’)

14. That’s how your Sunday looks like with the kid.

15. When she’s trying to turn you on and it backfires (hahahahahahahaha!)

16. Of course, you don’t really want to ever be in the passenger seat when she drives.

17. You love playing dress-up with him. And obviously, he doesn’t agree.

18. When he takes the best bite of your pizza and you’re ready to murder to him.