13 Incredible Things That Made “Khichdi” The Comedy Classic We Love Today

I know for a fact that my childhood would have been far less entertaining if it weren’t for this wonderful little show they call Khichdi. And as I grew up, I realised I wasn’t alone in all the affection I felt towards this gem!

Today, the show has firmly established itself as a comedy classic, the likes of which we haven’t seen in years. So, why is that? Why has the show gained the status of a cult comedy classic? Well, here I am to tell you just why Khichdi deserves all the love it gets from an entire generation.

Happy, wholesome humour.

The thing with Indian comedy is, the industry usually thinks it can take only one of two directions: edgy, or dumbed-down.

But here was a wonderful show that was original, clever, as well as wholesome in a way that appealed to everyone. A real funny treat for the entire family!

Brilliant writing (and don’t forget the dialogues).

In every episode, there was usually something wacky going on. But there was a brilliance to the nonsense. An order to the chaos, and in the end, a lesson to be learnt.

And in the meantime, there were tons of hilarious conversations!

Its iconic, well-developed characters.

The fact that we could just look at a character do something and say, “Oh, I knew he would do THAT!”, means that these were relatable, memorable characters. Characters that had complete, fleshed-out qualities and personalities.

Like Praful and his hilarious explanations of common English words.

The genius of this gag was that neither one of them came across as annoyingly foolish. Instead, it was always a cleverly written string of dialogues that viewers looked forward to! How will Praful possibly explain THIS word, this time? And the satisfying and hilarious explanation would always crack us up!

Hansa – the spoilt, gullible, but adorable queen.

With Jayshree taking over all her responsibilities, Hansa could easily have been someone we despise. But Hansa became our spirit animal. Lazy, naive, good-natured and without a single mean bone in her body, she became a character we all loved to love!

And quote!

Babuji and his funny and (sometimes) pointless rage.

Sometimes, it looked like he was the only almost sane one in the family. Almost. And then he would go off on a random, hilarious rage rant that everyone in the family would either ignore or shrug off. We however, loved every minute of it!

Jayshree and her hilarious war of wills with Babuji.

What would the family have done without the kind, generous, smart AF Jayshree? The way she adored everyone selflessly, you could tell she was keeping this insane family together.

Although, don’t let it fool you. Cause she was just as insane, bruh. Especially when it came to being super savage with Babuji and his tantrums.

Also the smartest of all – the kids Chakki and Jacky!

Bade log, bade log!

Honestly, the only ones in the family who had anything resembling common sense. They’ve saved the day so many times, they could be called in for the next Justice League.

And of course, Himanshu! (AKA ‘Himansu’)

Oh Himanshu! What are you up to this time? Well, as he says, “kissi ko pata nai chalega”.

Fun fact: The hilariously silly Himanshu was played by Jamnadas Majethia who was actually one of the producers of the show. He also produced another one of our comedy favourites – Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai.

Zero saas-bahu, joint family drama.

A TV show about a big joint family, huh? Surely, this must mean melodrama, unnecessary conflicts and big bindis, right? Nope.

The way Jayshree dotes on Hansa, the way Praful dotes on Hansa, the way Himanshu always has something nice to say to everyone – this family was crazy adorable! No drama needed, this was entertainment enough.

And if ever they had to resolve anything, a family garba session used to sort everything out!

The sensitive, inoffensive treatment of the show.

There was never a joke at the expense of a community. There was never a need for those God-awful laugh tracks. There was never a need for the humour of the show to take an unpleasant turn just to drive a joke home.

They always adeptly handled sensitive issues and made sure their classic style of witty, deadpan humour never lost its charm.

Its philosophy of “our madness is wonderful”.

Every single one of them was insane in their own way. And that didn’t make any of them an outcast – it’s what made them special. The fact that this family would have been a boring, dramatic family were it not for their eccentricities is a wonderful lesson we take away from every episode.

Embracing diversity – the true meaning of “Khichdi”.

Why is it called Khichdi? Well, because that’s what it is! A wonderful delight made up of diverse, different people and opinions!

The family never discriminates between creed, caste and religion when it comes to being happy together! They whine, they bicker, they argue, but they love, support and accept each other, flaws and all.