17 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Messy Person (And You Love It!)

Well, this one’s for those who’re constantly badgered for not being ‘neat and tidy’ enough. Also for those who like to roll on a bed which already has a gazillion things strewn over it. And this is especially for those who relate to the above two statements and are absolutely content being messy AF.

If you’re someone who finds peace in chaos, these 17 things will make you smile.

1. Your room perpetually looks like a tornado just invaded it.

2. Your mother is baffled that you’re an actual human being and not a pig in disguise.

3. She also, of course, wonders HOW on earth you manage to find your things in that dump you call a room.

4. But you somehow can ONLY find your things when they are thrown all over the place.

5. Almost like you have a telepathic connection to messy surroundings and can’t seem to function around neatness.

6. When you call your friends over, they really don’t know where to simply sit down.

7. But you always manage to think you make them comfortable.

8. No matter how uncomfortable they are surrounded by your mess.

9. You really don’t get the point of cleaning your room up when it’s going to get messy again, sooner than later.

10. There is obviously no such thing like ‘ironed’ clothes.

11. Your favorite thing to do on the weekends is probably NOT to take a shower.

12. It’s not like you don’t like clean places, it’s just that you don’t want to take all that effort.

13. Also, where’s the fun if everything is exactly in the place it NEEDS to be?

14. You’re a ‘I fed my shirt my lunch’ kind of a person and you’re proud of it.

15. You HATE it when your maa cleans your room.

16. Majority of your fights revolve around letting your messy cave be in peace.

17. You don’t care what people say about cleanliness, you’re happy with your caveman approach to life.